Startup Marketing Conference: Conversion Hacking The Brain

Posted by Kent Lewis in Research Targeting on October 23rd, 2014 at 2:16 pm

One of the Godfather’s of landing page and conversion rate optimization, Tim Ash, CEO or SiteTuners, kicked off the afternoon sessions at Startup Marketing Conference. He felt obligated to start at the bottom (of the brain), as it affects how we design successful LPO/CRO campaigns.

For starters, your reptilian brain is…

  1. Lazy
  2. It likes simple choices
  3. It has no patience
  4. It’s automatic

And we as human animals survive by following the four F’s:

  1. Fight (within seconds of meeting people, we figure out how we would kill them)
  2. Flight
  3. Feed (we need to eat to stay alive)
  4. Fornication

Then Ash touched on how your brain actually works*:

  • Is it dangerous? -> Deal with it or, if yes…
  • Is it novel? -> Ignore it, or, if yes…
  • Consciously explore it.

*95 percent of our actions are pre-conscious.

Then Ash revealed The New Sales Funnel:

  1. The Brain Stem
  2. Limbic System
  3. Neocortex

The goal is to make sure consumers have a small number of clear choices. He adds a caveat in regards to The Long Tail, where more choices are better, but only for specific situations (like looking for music, a book or movie). It doesn’t work when making business decisions (whether it be a pen or marketing automation platform). Here are a few LPO/CRO strategies:

  • Remove similar choices (they are distracting) and...

3 Technologies Every Modern Business Needs

Posted by Anna Johansson in Emerging Platforms on October 23rd, 2014 at 2:14 pm

As technology becomes ever more sophisticated, businesses everywhere are developing capabilities they never had in the past. Not only are many functions easier for small and large businesses alike, but tech is also making the business landscape much more competitive.

Your ability to stay in business -- and stay competitive -- over the next few years may depend on your willingness to adopt and integrate new technologies into your operations. Take a look at three tools that every modern business needs, and how you can go about finding the best provider for each.

1. Customer relationship management software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a broad phrase used to describe a category of software that helps businesses keep track of customer interactions, data, sales, service, and other items. Essentially, it helps companies manage customer relationships in an organized, streamlined manner that requires the least amount of manual intervention.

Instead of hiring an entire department of people to manage customers, firms now hire only a handful of employees to oversee operations, because they’re backed by CRM.

However, the reduced need for human capital is not the primary reason to incorporate CRM into your business. The advantages extend far beyond that.

Some of the biggest benefits...

Startup Marketing Conference: 7 Keys for Creating Awesome Content that Converts

Posted by Kent Lewis in Creative Best Practices Media Planning & Buying Opinions on October 23rd, 2014 at 12:32 pm

In the third session of the day at Startup Marketing Conference in San Francisco, Jason Miller, Senior Marketing Manager of Content Marketing & Social at Linkedin and Megan Leap, Principal at LEAP, covered content marketing. Miller opened with a plea to startups to being their content marketing now. He cited Geoffrey James’ three elements of content: 1. On-Demand 2. Solution and 3. Transcendent Empathy as a framework for content development.

Miller then introduced the concept of The Rock: a big piece of important content. I started to lose him here, as Miller talks faster than the FEDEX guy. He then compared content to a big turkey and how it can be repurposed in a variety of ways (dinner, lunch sandwiches and maybe a salad). His example was The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn and how he and his team repurposed the content they created in a variety of form factors. His Bat out of Hell marketing approach to content marketing means hit them where they live and keep hitting them until they break.

Results were shared by Miller, focusing on which channels worked best. Promotional channels included email, blog, InMail, company page, SlideShare, social platforms, etc. His...

Startup Marketing Conference Panel: Lean Marketing Meets Growth Hacking: Getting the First 1000 users Overnight

Posted by Kent Lewis in Creative Best Practices Emerging Platforms Opinions on October 23rd, 2014 at 11:58 am

The second panel of the day at Startup Marketing Conference consisted of the following entrepreneurs and marketers:

Ryan MacCarrigan, Chief Experimenter, leanstudio

George Revutsky, Founder, digital and Conversion Nerds

Zack Onisko, Head of Growth & Marketing, Creative Market (Autodesk)

Laura Klein, VP Product, Hint Health

The first question related to tips for affordably finding new customers. Klein suggested repurposing methods that have worked in the past, but modify and make it your own. Onisko warned there is no magic bullet, but he did indicate that focusing on understanding your ideal target customer and understanding the channels they use. An easy and cheap way: import your Facebook and LinkedIn networks to build your initial list. Next step: identify and connect with influencers/bloggers and foster a relationship (guest posts and syndicated articles). Revutsky suggested going the paid route: AdWords, remarketing/retargeting and nurturing via marketing automation tools. He also likes Facebook ads and once you’ve built a critical mass database, import them back into Facebook and create a community that you can then use to target similar users. He also suggested an ambassador program to engage and reward early adopters and influencers. Lastly, he trained university students to amplify the message as...