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2013 The Year of Digital Brand Advertising

Posted by Roy de Souza on February 26th, 2013 at 9:55 am

According to IAB, performance-based advertising has reached the point of diminishing returns for all its players; it has created a highly efficient market in which there is almost no margin left for either publishers or agencies. So this is the year digital brand advertising can and must be born, or the digital advertising industry can’t survive.
We are part of the IAB because we feel we are aligned with its goals. We don’t just join every organization. IAB shares our beliefs that if agencies are freed to produce magical creative, technology will help them build brands across platforms and geographies. And all this can be measured with metrics that are useful to marketers.
Here is a summary of the IAB Digital Brand Building initiatives for this year.
1. Rising Stars rewards the creative that interacts with consumers right on the page and allows them to engage the way they used to engsge in person. We have to allow agencies to produce better creative — the kind with which people really want to engage.
2. 3MS(Making Measurement Make Sense) is the initiative that began last year to change how we measure ads. Last year, the emphasis was on viewable impressions. Going forward measurements will... Read more

How I Plan to Scale Social Media

Posted by Francine Hardaway on January 4th, 2013 at 2:06 pm

Long, long ago, way back in 2010, Altimeter's Jeremiah Owyang gave a talk in which he uttered the immortal words, "social media doesn't scale."
I've found that out through my work with ZEDO, the San Francisco-based platform partner for publishers. ZEDO started with one person doing its social media almost two years ago: me. But the company is growing rapidly, and it has a globally distributed work force in many different time zones. This year, my challenge is to inspire my colleagues to help me with the social media so we CAN scale it better.
I'm fortunate, ZEDO is still relatively small -- about 250 employees. But suppose you are a public company, or even a very large private company with a distributed global work force? How will you control your brand? How do you respond to Twitter complaints in a manner that meets the expectations of customers who tweet out their troubles expecting someone to be there listening? And how do you use social media to help you attract talent?
Listening platforms like Radian 6 help. But they're just a beginning. After all, they're just listening and monitoring. They're not sharing information.
Ideally, we'd like to turn our best customers (our fans) into... Read more

Publishing is Dividing into Two Camps

Posted by Francine Hardaway on October 26th, 2012 at 8:08 am

Online publishing seems to be dividing itself into to camps lately: premium and non-premium. We might also refer to them as "video-receptive" and not receptive, open to new formats with hight CPMs, or just interested in filling inventory with anything.
Digging deeper, this goes to the publisher's own brand;  whether it is interested in brand ads or performance ads, whether it sees the future as higher CPM's for fewer ads, or whether it wants to sell out its entire inventory, even as remnant.
For premium publishers, a scarcity of inventory is not only acceptable, in some sense it's desirable. If they run out of inventory, they raise the price, and they actually accept fewer ads. In this sense, they're like old-time glossy magazines; you can only afford them if you are someone they want in the book.  Today, as I write, there is only one ad on the entire Huffington Post home page. These are the basic supply and demand principles: scarce supply drives up price.
Premium publishers are also moving quickly toward video. The single ad on today's Economist home page is a video.
And the single ad at the top of the page on Vogue is a rotator with three promos for the... Read more

Network Optimization Tips for Publishers

Posted by Rohan Lotlikar on June 22nd, 2010 at 12:43 pm

If you are a publisher with valuable inventory, there are plenty of ad networks out there that will compete for it. If you deal with multiple ad networks, you can use a network optimization system to easily manage all of your networks.  Network Optimization technology is built by advertising technology providers, and can be managed by them or you once set up is completed (depending on your interest and support capabilities of your technology provider).  Implementing network optimization into your ad operations allows you, the publisher, to monetize domestic and international inventory, get the most out of each network for each ad size , easily compare the true eCPM of each ad network, re-order ad network impressions to put the highest paying impressions first, and see all your data without logging into each ad network's system.  If you are thinking about implementing network optimization into your ad operations, or even if you already have, keep in mind these following 10 steps:
1. Setup a Daisy Chain
A good network optimization tool will allow you decide the order in which ad networks are served on your site. This is often called a daisy chain. If one ad network is paying you a better... Read more