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Don't Leave a Message

Posted by Dan Roche on January 16th, 2013 at 9:48 am

When was the last time you purchased an answering machine? I bet you can’t remember. I certainly can’t. Do you even know how much they cost these days? I actually had to Google to see that I could obtain one of these basic devices for six or seven dollars.
Not only have I not purchased an answering machine, or voicemail service, but I rarely even leave voicemail messages. It seems I’m not the only one. According to Internet phone company, Vonage, the number of voicemail messages has dropped eight percent (comparing figures from July 2011 versus July 2012). So, what is happening to voicemails?
People just aren’t leaving voicemails, and even fewer people are checking them. Vonage also found that voicemail retrieval dropped 14% (July 2011 versus July 2012).
Texting, emailing and instant messaging are quickly replacing voice calls and messages. Phone calls and the subsequent voicemails are seen as interruptions and are often met with annoyance and apathy. Written messages, on the other hand, are viewed as less invasive. For me, I can respond to a text message or email with a quick, short response, but returning a voicemail always involves more time. Also, by providing written responses, I can clearly outline... Read more

Google Voice emerges as the catch-all communications platform

Posted by Matt Kapko on March 12th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Google has been killing some of it underperforming projects of late, but yesterday brought a much-welcomed surprised.
The search giant took the dust and cobwebs off GrandCentral, a service it bought for about $50 million in July 2007 that's been in stealth mode ever since, and re-launched it as Google Voice.
The service is a godsend for anyone who constantly juggles multiple phones (and numbers), SMS inboxes, and voicemail. Carrying the slogan "one number for life," Google Voice puts together a string of VoIP-related services that are currently available at numerous startups, but few, if any, are as comprehensive as this, as Om Malik points out in a glowing endorsement.
The free service assigns users a number that can be used as their catch-all for voice, text, and voicemail. SMS messages can be sent, received, and forwarded to whatever wireless phone you might be using at the time. Phone calls can be made online or via your mobile or landline phone if you still have one of those. And voicemail transcripts are available on Google Voice's clean website that Om compares to Gmail or they can be sent to your email account. Conference calls can also be initiated by dragging phone... Read more