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New CES Toys Highlight the Coming Year of the ‘Phablet’

Posted by Tom O'Regan on January 13th, 2014 at 6:36 pm

The new releases from CES are exciting for consumers and advertisers alike, but they also present a challenge for advertisers to live up to the advances in technology. Consumers will have less patience for media pollution and will be expecting better experiences.

Making Great Video Content Work For You Regardless of Budget

Posted by Anupam Gupta on July 9th, 2013 at 9:26 am

Content marketing has solidified its place in the marketer’s arsenal, but getting maximum value from the channel requires comprehensive knowledge of the myriad options available when it comes to content. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that “content” doesn’t necessarily just mean “text;” but with a better, faster internet and better, faster mobile devices, consumers can access and interact with all kinds of content. Increasingly, that content is video.
And why not? They don’t call this generation of consumers the “YouTube Generation” for nothing. Viral video has become a major zeitgeist of today’s media culture, and nothing beats a clever, funny, powerful or, most importantly, shareable video for building awareness and engagement.
Take, for example, Kmart’s recent “Ship My Pants” video campaign, which garnered over two million views in a single month with its clever, slightly risqué dialogue, or Dove’s subtle, yet powerful and touching “Real Beauty Sketches” which was viewed over 53 million times in a month. Video can be a powerful marketing tool and you maybe surprised to learn that it’s not out of reach for any brand or business, regardless of budget.
While its true that the actual “content of your content” is important, not every brand has to spend tens of thousands of dollars to create a compelling video... Read more

Native Advertising Done Right

Posted by Atul Patel on July 9th, 2013 at 3:00 am

Successful native ads will make audiences want to engage because the content relates to their interests, without being misleading or annoying. Achieving this balance is not always easy or successful, but it’s possible to attain when you go into it with an understanding of your goals, clear audience expectations, and a real distribution strategy.

What You Need to Know About Multiscreen Video Advertising

Posted by Anupam Gupta on June 19th, 2013 at 2:10 pm

Multiscreen is no longer hype; in 2012, 78% of agencies ran multiscreen campaigns on behalf of their brand clients, and 90% expect to run multiscreen campaigns in 2013. Similarly, 81% of media companies ran multiscreen campaigns in 2012 and 96% expect to run multiscreen campaigns this year, per our research. It’s exciting to see that demand for these campaigns, particularly among agencies, continues to grow.
Jeff Lanctot, Global Chief Media Officer at Razorfish says it well, “Every marketer should be thinking multiscreen first. Consumer behaviors on this front are well established, and if you’re ignoring consumer behaviors you’re not doing your job. Once that’s acknowledged, the priority becomes creative and analytics. How can I deliver my message in a compelling and appropriate way across devices? And do I have the analytics tools and partners to know what works?”
There are many benefits to running multiscreen. For both agencies and media companies, the most commonly cited benefit of multiscreen was “to extend reach and frequency”. The second most cited benefit was “engagement”. Others include “increase social sharing”, “engage at point of sale” and “differentiation from competitors”. Not surprising, revenue was also a driving factor behind multiscreen with 97% of media companies expecting more... Read more

“Always Relevant” Video Advertising

Posted by Anupam Gupta on May 10th, 2013 at 9:30 am

In today’s world of constantly connected consumers with ever shortening attention spans, online advertising’s mantra “Right time, right place, right person” is more resonant than ever.  The ability to reach those consumers who are most likely to purchase your product or service at the time and in the context to which they will be most receptive is the magic formula for turning browsers into buyers, and video advertising has proven itself as one of the most powerful tools for not just reaching, but engaging those consumers.
Even more than display advertising, online video offers marketers a wealth of options for delivering their message creatively, whether the content is funny, touching, powerful or straightforward. Some marketers have begun the transition from television to digital by repurposing their 15- and 30-second TV spots. This is a promising start, but only a hint of what online video can do to capture consumer attention. It’s time to take it to the next level, creating and repurposing video that’s relevant to the user throughout the decisioning cycle.
As in all forms of online advertising, relevance is key when it comes to getting people to not just view your video content, but actually click through and buy. However,... Read more