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5 Ways Technology Eases Car-Buying Anxiety

Posted by Nick Matarazzo on August 22nd, 2013 at 9:33 am

For me, walking the car lot on a Saturday is nearly as fun as a day at the golf course. The shoptalk is great, I get to take something for a spin, and even if I don’t come out with the exact score (or price) I had in mind, I walk away with a sense of satisfaction. But, for many, the thought of having to negotiate one-on-one can be intimidating, and can turn the thrill of buying a new car into pure anxiety.
Choosing what to buy—make, model, trim, and a seemingly endless number of options like warranties and infotainment—is only the first step. Once the vehicle and options are selected, the real research begins: What is a fair, good, or great price—and how do I get it?
Here at Jumpstart Automotive Group, we found that 69% of shoppers listed price as a top criteria when deciding to purchase—making it the second-most important factor behind safety and reliability. This mindset is hardwired into consumers across categories—from apparel to appliances—but price is especially integral to the car-buying process, primarily due to the level of investment and the lengthy duration of ownership.
And I think there is added pressure to get a good deal... Read more

Why I Love SoDA (Society of Digital Agencies)

Posted by Tony Quin on August 13th, 2013 at 7:32 am

SoDA is a very exclusive organization. Only 11% of agencies that apply for membership are invited to become SoDA members. It’s a rigorous process. First agencies are nominated by a member, then...

4 seasonal trends in mobile

Posted by Scott Swanson on July 29th, 2013 at 6:00 pm

For many advertisers, "seasonality" means one thing: the holidays. Sure, there are other calendar events that are well-suited to campaigns for particular brands, like March Madness and Back to School. But for many, it all comes down to one thing -- the slow but steady rise into the winter holiday season, with purchases peaking in December and then falling steeply into January, into what is generally the most down period of the year for advertising.
If we take a look at mobile phone use patterns (here seen by monthly impressions), however, it becomes apparent that there are lots of mini-surges and dips throughout the calendar year. Our parent company, Opera Mediaworks, compared the first half of 2012 to that of 2013 and found a clear pattern, and we can speculate that the second half of 2013 might follow a similar pattern.
The biggest surge we can see on the chart is during Spring Break season. Beginning in March and lasting well into April, consumers are using their phones almost as much as they are in the pre-holiday November period. What a great time to run some spring season campaigns. Auto advertisers, for instance, might take advantage of all those mobile impressions to promote... Read more

Omnicom & Publicis Merger: Will Data Rule?

Posted by Tony Quin on July 29th, 2013 at 9:43 am

The big merger announcement of Omnicom and Publicis focuses squarely on the data side of the marketing business, specifically the use of data to target advertising and messaging. While this promises huge opportunities for brands to spend their media money more effectively, it doesn’t speak to the other big shift in the marketing world.

5 Flat Design Principles Your Business Should Adopt

Posted by Calvin Sellers on July 24th, 2013 at 12:08 pm

The concept of flat design has been around for a very long time, but it has taken a position of prominence in recent years. In simple terms, flat designing is using very basic, two-dimensional design concepts to create a mobile app or a webpage. Some designers feel that flat designing is too simplistic, but there are ways to utilize flat design concepts that can make your app or website more user-friendly.
Relevant Text Fonts

Image via Flickr by coleydude
One of the principles of flat designing is to utilize fonts that are basic, but are also relevant to the content. For example, an important piece of text would get a strong and basic font, instead of a flowery and decorative look. By utilizing relevant text fonts, you can get a message across to mobile audiences more effectively and much more quickly. One of the benefits of enterprise mobility management is the ability to keep everything updated and in sync across multiple platforms.

Image via Flickr by Rubber Dragon
Flat designing tends to use brighter colors than most other forms of web programming. Designers can use this concept to help make important parts of their app or website stand out without causing them to clash with other... Read more