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Make the Grade with Back-to-School Mobile Offers

Posted by Ashley Eckel on July 30th, 2013 at 6:00 am

The National Retail Federation is predicting back-to-school spending will decline by nearly 13% this year, but retailers shouldn’t be discouraged from capitalizing on one of summer’s peak shopping opportunities.
As mobile commerce and engagement continues to compound daily, today’s parents have come to depend on mobile content more than their Saturday night babysitter. From coupons, to media, to apps, back-to-school shopping is a prime time to target this group and drive mobile, online and in-store sales.
However, the ability to engage parents and kids alike with mobile campaigns requires a blend of relevant content, correct timing, and ease-of-use. This back-to-school season, rather than just being another offer stuffed in an already full inbox, use mobile to connect to consumers in-the-moment, and spur spending both online and off.
Mobile Coupons
When executed correctly, mobile coupons are digital morsels of traffic-driving goodness that arrive just in time to complement a consumer’s need—right then and there. Combined with an easy redemption method such as barcode scanning or offer codes, your mobile coupons can pro-actively address a need, instead of pushing yet another email offer. As a result, the chances that consumers will redeem your offer—in-store or directly from their phones—increases significantly.
Nickelodeon recently used an in-store campaign to offer a... Read more

LoopNet 3D Projection Magic (Video)

Posted by Rick Mathieson on January 21st, 2013 at 5:34 pm

How are you bringing B2C approaches to your B2B marketing?
Are you doing it at all?
For far too many B2B marketers, there's a view that never the two should meet. But as I write in my book THE ON-DEMAND BRAND, it's critical that B2B marketers realize business people are just that - people. And their exposure to B2C marketing approaches in their personal lives sets expectations for B2B marketing, whether B2B marketers like it or not.
But some savvy B2B marketers have caught on - big time.
Case in point: Our client LoopNet, the #1 online marketplace for commercial real estate.
Over the last few months, LoopNet has launched an integrated campaign that's predicated on a simple, yet powerful message: If your commercial listings aren't advertised on LoopNet, they may as well be invisible. That's because only LoopNet drives traffic to commercial real estate listings like literally no other option can.
Print, direct mail and online advertising developed by has articulated this theme in compelling, brand consistent fashion.
So when LoopNet decided to fete the luminaries of Los Angeles commercial real estate, we got to thinking: What if we took our message and super-sized it? What if we used a full-motion, building-size canvass to drive home... Read more

9 Tips for Driving Traffic with Twitter

Posted by Meghan Bender on September 21st, 2012 at 8:30 am

Twitter can be a powerful tool for communicating with your readers, finding inspiration, and getting new users. Here are nine tips for driving traffic to your site with Twitter; give them a shot and shoot us a tweet @imediatweet and @Skimlinks !

'Social Viewing' In Action: 'Lost' Finale Attracts 13.5 Million Viewers – And Half A Million Tweets

Posted by Rick Mathieson on May 24th, 2010 at 12:00 am

In an alternate reality - or was it purgatory? - millions of television viewers had to run real-time commentary on the series finale of "Lost" instead of just watch.
Yes, ratings were strong - with 13.5 million viewers. But that's just the beginning.
Nearly a half million tweets - 437, 613 - were posted (to be fair, mostly during commercial breaks) in a flurry of "I knew its" and "WTFs" that took Twitter by storm.
In my new book THE ON-DEMAND BRAND (available everywhere books are sold), I look at the trend in "social viewing" and "participation TV" and how it's impacting the way shows are viewed, shared, dissected and even produced.
We saw a living laboratory on the matter during Sunday night's show - eclipsed only by the 780,000 tweets during this year's Oscar telecast.
So what's the appeal? As Anthony Soohoo, SVP and GM of CBS Interactive (which recently launched online social viewing rooms for fans of CBS' shows) recently told The Hollywood Reporter, "This takes people 3,000 miles away and makes them feel like they're sitting on the couch next to each other."

The other factor: Fodder for conversation.
How'd I know about the latest... Read more