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Top 5 'Non-Digital' Digital Initiatives 2012 (Video)

Posted by Rick Mathieson on December 27th, 2012 at 3:09 pm

This is a little different than our other Tops lists for 2012 – a list of digital promotions that didn’t
involve consumers interacting with any kind of screened device, mobile or otherwise.
Here, the interface may be your voice, your body or your brain. All that matters is the fun.
5. Honda’s Life Size Paper Model of Its New Car
Sure it’ll crumple in a crash. But I hear it’s very light and picks up speed in a stiff wind.
4. Mini ID’s Your Driving Style & Offers You A Cup of Joe to Match
Crazy ass drivers get an industrial-strength espresso, while slow pokes may get a mild Americano.
3. VW’s ‘Up!’ Care Powered by Cheers (tie)

How many miles-per-cheer can you get with the Volkswagen up!?
2. Fridge Magnet Orders Pizza for You
What's not to love about a fridge magnet that orders your favorite pizza when you push it?
1. Coca-Cola Amplifier: Magazine Ad Turns into a Speaker System for Your iPhone
Bringing whole new meaning to the term “plug and play.” Yes, it does involve a mobile screen, but the promotional device itself is print. Brilliant (see video above).

Top 10 Mobile Marketing Initiatives 2012 (Video)

Posted by Rick Mathieson on November 27th, 2012 at 8:50 pm

Mobile marketing is so much more than advertising.
As readers of my books THE ON-DEMAND BRAND and BRANDING UNBOUND know, I don’t consider mobile advertising very compelling. So it
won’t come as a shock that there isn't much in the way of pure-play mobile ads in this year’s list of top 10 mobile marketing initiatives.
For me, mobile isn’t about taking an ad model from the old-school Internet – namely a "ad banner" – and plopping it onto a business-card size screen, or even the larger screen of an iPad.
It’s about creating unique and differentiating branded experiences that drive home your value proposition in amazing new ways.
To that end, here are 10 of my favorite mobile promotional initiatives for 2012.
Agree with my list? Disagree? What initiatives would you ad to the list?
Let us know!


10. Heineken Personalized QR
Code Stickers Become Ice Breakers at Music Festival
Talk about a conversation starter.
9. ‘Dance Cam’ Mobile App
Lets you Create Music Videos on Your Phone
Because there are few things more entertaining (and, often, disturbing)
than watching folks dance on the Xbox Kinect system on games like Dance
Central. So why not mobilize it?
8. Starbucks Brings Mobile
AR to Valentine’s Day
It’s the AR, Cupid.
7. Red... Read more