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3 Ways to Prepare Your SEO Team for Website Design Changes

Posted by Lisa Wehr on March 9th, 2011 at 9:47 pm

Changing up your website design can certainly be fun and refreshing, but beware of the many daunting consequences a new look can cause, especially with search engines.

To avoid risking your search engine positioning, be sure to follow these three helpful redesign tips:
Site Structure
Layout your site before you begin the development process. Plan with sitemaps, wireframes and mockups to build an appropriate site for both you and your visitors. Even though the layout changes you are proposing may make perfect sense to you, they may not make sense to your customers, or the search engines. Let’s say you want to de-clutter your site, going for a more minimalistic look is great, but it may cut off navigational paths by reducing or removing relevant content. Don’t diminish the content that feeds Google, Bing and Yahoo relevant information about your site. During a revamp, don’t inadvertently make your site less known to the search engines; make sure you leave appropriate content and important links on your web property.
A new look for your website takes time; not only for your designers, but also for your development crew and IT team. Every department needs the time necessary to digest, implement and test the changes... Read more

100 million monthly users and YouTube can't get a break

Posted by Matt Kapko on May 15th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Time just published a large, special feature titled "The 10 Biggest Tech Failures of the Last Decade," and you might be surprised by some of the companies that got caught in Time's crosshairs.
Microsoft Vista sits at the top of the list and is then followed by Gateway, HD DVD, Vonage, YouTube, Sirius XM, Microsoft Zune, Palm, Iridium, and Segway. Now, when I first glanced at the list I thought, 'hey, some of these are actual hits,' but they are far from hits in the business sense (and by that, I mean make money).
Not one of them has ably met their potential, Time argues, and worse yet, most of them are losing money like gangbusters.
For its part, YouTube represents everything the article sought out to address. The site has about 100 million viewers watching nearly 6 million videos every month and yet Google has said, in regulatory filings, that the site's revenue is "not material." That's legal code for "we don't make much money on this at all."
Time wrote: "In November 2006, Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion. There is a fairly good chance that the search company will never get a return on that investment. YouTube... Read more