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Balanced Design Impacts the Wellbeing of Your Site

Posted by Lisa Wehr on March 22nd, 2011 at 1:51 pm

Balance, proportion, harmony; does your site have visitors saying “Namaste”? Creating a peace amongst your white space, graphics and text connects your site and brings it back to its wholeness—composing an overall Zen.
Not all industries have equal purposes, thus the correspondence between graphics, text and white space varies for websites depending on their objectives. For instance e-commerce sites are presented with the challenge of incorporating a large amount of textual content paired with graphics to appropriately describe products. Although e-commerce sites aim to display a large amount of information, a well balanced e-commerce site should consist of 40% white space, 30% text and 30% graphics.
Let’s compare the e-commerce sites of the leading outdoor clothing companies, Patagonia and The North Face. Although they both sell yoga apparel, which company provides the best balanced design on their storefronts?
White Space
White space/negative space is a rather positive design element. It’s the area around text and graphics that provides users clarity as it helps organize pathways on a site. E-commerce sites that sacrifice white space can result in a cluttered appearance.

Print design allows for more freedom with the use of white space, where as web design is more sensitive to the application of white space.... Read more

Packers.com VS Steelers.com

Posted by Lisa Wehr on February 7th, 2011 at 8:12 pm

The Green Bay Packers may have won Super Bowl 2011 yesterday, but does their champion status stand up online? It was exciting to see the Packers and Steelers battle on the field, and it’s just as fun to compare how they perform on the web. Who will be the website design champion; Packers.com or Steelers.com?
White space, text and graphics all influence the overall design of a website. Oneupweb conducted the study, “Revolutionizing Website Design: The New Rules of Usability” which revealed that websites should be appropriately balanced for the user experience, by consisting of the following proportions: 30% graphics, 30% text and 40% white space. That being said, let’s see who will score the most points in the game of best designed homepage.
Beginning with the first half of the game; take a look at the screenshot featuring the Packers.com homepage. Get ready, it’s game time!

The white space [refer to figure 1] is almost nonexistent on Packers.com. A balanced website usually consists of 40% white space and the Packers’ homepage seems to have less than 10%—fumble for the Green Bay Packers. More white space would have benefited visitors—leaving them less bombarded with graphics, videos and text, and better able to navigate... Read more

Nike Launches 'Write The Headline': Massive, Facebook, Twitter-Powered LED Sign

Posted by Rick Mathieson on June 22nd, 2010 at 6:09 pm

Turns out "Write The Future" was just the beginning.
The Nike World Cup juggernaut continues, now with "Write The Headline," a giant LED sign on the Southern Life Center building in Johannesburg.
Fans around the world can send messages from Facebook, Twitter (#nikefuture), QQ (a Chinese chat program" and Mxit (a South African IM app). It's so huge, it can be read as far as 2.5 kilometers away.
The idea: You write the future, projecting an animation as well as your personal message, on the city's fourth tallest building.
In my new book, THE ON-DEMAND BRAND (available everywhere books are sold), I look at similar efforts from the likes of Calvin Klein, BMW, 42Below Vodka and others. These kinds of initiatives work best with mobile, of course, as consumers on the scene are able to text their personalized messages and experience them on the spot.
Nike seems to own this World Cup - writing its own game plan by enabling consumers to do the same.
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