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Is iPad Built for Two?

Posted by Michael Leis on January 29th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Today, the radio industry publication Music Week published Dan Thornton's thoughts on the iPad's impact on commercial radio. As Absolute Radio Digital Marketing Manager, he brought up a lot of good thought-starters on the potential. What I found most interesting was him setting the interaction environment of use.
iPad replaces all those heavy textbooks
While those like me don't see a fit for the iPad in an already computer-saturated home environment, the iPad literally takes twenty pounds off the backs of high school and college kids if their textbooks are all available through the app store. And why wouldn't publishers put their books in the App store? The audience is already there and ready to one-click all the bookstore hassle away.
iPad is for small group sharing
As I've been talking about for the past year or so, I believe the next wave in social computing is small groups. I see today's kids in the US behaving a lot like young adults in Korea, finding a lot of enjoyment and social currency in using a single computer together. This concept also extends to networked publics, and being able to create a small social conversation about a topic or item not among all 120 of... Read more

The Gap Wins Big With Teens by Going Old-School

Posted by Michael Leis on October 21st, 2008 at 12:00 am

Often when asked to explain how and why Facebook applications and virtual gifts work, I turn to jeans jackets. When we were teens, we would experiment with our outward-facing identities by carefully selecting, arranging, and pinning buttons on our jeans jackets. Depending on the reactions we got from friends, we would adjust accordingly. The buttons were each a little trinket of our personality, and together they formed a collective representing us.
Today, social networking platforms are the jeans jackets of today's teens. Being able to give virtual gifts and adding applications that appear in their friends' mini-feeds say to the world, "Here's who I am. What do you think?" Offering the opportunity to comment. It's hard for many of us who wore jeans jackets to understand that virtual buttons have as much value, but they do. Today's teens place just as much emphasis on profile pages, status updates, and comments as we did in passed notes and phone calls back then.
The Gap has partnered with the Pieces of Flair Facebook application brand to bring this analogy directly to the profile pages of an audience just over twenty million US users between the ages of 13-24. Check me... Read more