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Top 10 Augmented Reality Initiatives 2012 (Video)

Posted by Rick Mathieson on November 21st, 2012 at 7:39 pm

I know, I know. It's still early in the year-end roundups season, but we couldn't wait to get started.

First up, 10 (well, okay, 11) of the best augmented reality initiatives for 2012.

11. Net-A-Porter: Augmented Reality Meets Window Shopping 
Who knew fashionistas would go ape sh*t over AR?
10. Holiday Inn: World's First Augmented Reality Hotel
Just in time for London's 2012 Olympic Games, patrons of one hotel find the place crawling with athletes.
9. Nokia Lumia Augmented Reality 'Angry Birds'
For me, 2012 was really the year Live AR started to really take off - and this is just one way consumers get in on the action, no special glasses or mobile devices required.
8. Marco Tempest Makes Magic with Kinect-Powered AR at TED Conference
Say goodbye to PowerPoint; this is a glimpse of the future of live presentations.
7. Ikea Brings Augmented Reality to 2013 Catalog
This is a brand with 211 million ways to make an impact on how we use augmented reality to sell.
6. Angry Birds Augmented Reality Game
While Nokia's promo was just that - a promo, this effort shows us where gaming's going fast.
5. Boo-Boos Be Gone: Kermit & Piggy Bring AR to BAND-AIDS
If a BAND-AID and a kiss won't cut it... Read more

Why Relevance Rules Digital Marketing

Posted by Jonathan Gardner on January 24th, 2012 at 12:02 pm

When you look at the buffet of content available to us these days – from every conceivable source, on every established and emerging platform – you might think that content remains the manna of digital marketing that it once was.
It’d be an understatement to say that brands have embraced content creation as a marketing strategy. Branded content has become a staple of cross-platform, integrated marketing campaigns everywhere, as a nearly fail-proof way to engage consumers, and turn them into customers. As industry analyst Rebecca Lieb said recently, every single one of the major brands she speaks with is increasing its production of original content.
But am I alone in thinking that maybe it’s enough already? Sooner or later, some savvy startup or sprawling conglomerate has to realize that the long tail is losing its appeal. More isn’t always better, as Sheena Iyengar said in her awesome TED Talk. What we need isn’t customization, but relevance.
So how can we, as marketers, deliver the relevance customers want and need? How can we ensure that our content – whether it’s an article, an ad, or an image – reaches the right consumers in the most relevant and meaningful way?
Behavioral targeting gets part of the... Read more

Creativing :: TED welcomes the ad industry, Taco Bell crisis conversation analysis, and mobile trends for 2011

Posted by Doug Schumacher on January 27th, 2011 at 5:59 pm

The latest in new media marketing strategies and tactics:
TED Talks the Future of Advertising | Post Advertising
TED is looking for ad campaign submission that contain ‘ideas worth spreading’, their theme line.
Customers ask Taco Bell: Where's the beef? | Buzz Study
A good look at how the recent clamor around whatever Taco Bell puts in their tacos looks from a conversation analysis standpoint. I’m actually surprised to see so much positive sentiment, but then again, there’s very little neutral sentiment, which often has the lion’s share. And overall, this obviously isn’t the type of conversation companies want to see revolving around their brands.
10 Mobile Trends for 2011
I’ve posted other mobile trends article before, but consider them all a good, quick perusal. The thing that always strikes me about the mobile market and it’s emergence is the parallel between it and the Web back in the 90s. Growth faster than many can keep up, lot’s of technical hurdles to overcome, and a lot of over-enthusiasm in some areas while at the end of the day big leaps in overall consumer behavior.
The Old... Read more