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Lessons in Real-Time Media #SB47

Posted by Deanna Lawrence on February 6th, 2013 at 2:23 pm

This year, marketer’s ROI included new opportunities to connect, and real-time lessons in response.

I'll Say Hallelujah If I See A Super Bowl Mobile Call To Action

Posted by Jeff Hasen on January 27th, 2013 at 11:04 am

I don't want to sound preachy, but if the Super Bowl telecast includes meaningful mobile calls to action for the first time, I will sing out Hallelujah.
More than that, I will respond to the marketer’s ask for me to take out my phone or tablet – ok, one will be in each hand, so taking out will be unnecessary – and I'll participate. I’ll learn more about a new product, be entertained by a brand beyond what was possible in a 30-second commercial, and even text to win.
So will millions or perhaps tens of millions of others.
Marketers buy into the Super Bowl telecast because it is the one time of the year when consumers are actually tuning in to commercials instead of muting the volume or fast-forwarding on their DVR.
Here’s an old school recipe for success:
One part new product or service offering upgrade
A tear-inducing script (Tears can be a result of hilarity or a message that pulls at the heartstrings.)
One teaspoon of a timely message (Think Valentine’s Day and/or tax season)
A cute animal or hot celebrity – or in some cases, both
A tease in the media
Yet, mobile calls to action have been missing this day of 24/7 social, mobile consumers.
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