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Eleven Subscribers Snoozing

Posted by Amy Kauffman on December 24th, 2012 at 6:00 am

“Boring!” It’s the nemesis of all content writers and it threatens to creep into your newsletters. As soon as boring content shows its face, you can kiss the inbox goodbye and start staking out real estate in the recycle bin. What to do? Follow these eleven tips to keep your subscribers engaged from the headline all the way to the fine print.
1. Tantalize with a fabulous headline.
Ask a question, promise a list of tips, or offer free industry-related advice. If your headline is a lemon, your readers won’t take the time to read further.
2. Write about what you know.
Fill your newsletter content with the things you consider yourself to be an expert on rather than falling back on someone else’s content.
3. Choose current hot topics from your industry.
Follow blogs and stay up to date on new product releases, industry changes, and questions people are currently asking. Position yourself as an expert on current topics through your newsletter.
4. Let your personality shine through.
Be conversational, humorous, witty, and even sarcastic if it comes naturally to you, all with the goal of building... Read more

E-mail Best Practices Checklist

Posted by Daniel Flamberg on March 23rd, 2009 at 12:00 am

E-mail is the go-to device for everyone attempting to deal with these tough economic times. For retailers, each e-mail blast is a predictable ka-ching; one that gets addictive quickly when sales at the cash-wrap desk, the 800 number or through the catalog fall off. E-mail response, like postal mail, degrades with repetitive re-mails which also prompt predictable numbers of opt-outs and complaints. To use e-mail for optimum effect, marketers need to factor in strategic and tactical considerations and link these directly to the business objectives of each campaign.
Strategic Elements
Scope the Program. Everything starts with the end result. What do you want the recipients of your e-mail to feel, think or do?  If this is a one-off effort it will need to work differently than if its part of a newsletter, club or continuity program. If this is going to a specific segment or a house list, it will be received differently than if it’s a wide scale mass acquisition effort. If it’s a new product or service launch versus a special offer on a well known brand, response will vary greatly. The scope will reflect the goals – who, what, when, how often and what needs to be accomplished... Read more