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Facebook July Leaderboard for CPG Dips and Dressings

Posted by Doug Schumacher on August 17th, 2015 at 11:36 am

CPG is a very broad business category, with sub-categories like soft drinks having brands with some of the larger social media fan counts anywhere. In our July ranking of the 25 most engaging brands on Facebook, the three top brands are CPG.
Of course, the CPG umbrella includes many smaller brands, with more niche or regional appeal. One subcategory in particular is dips and dressings. Below is the Facebook Leaderboard for some of the top dips and spreads brands in the US for the month of July.
You can see that the fan counts, while not what you’ll see from Pepsi or Coke, are still substantial. Posting volume is a little light in this category, with even the top brand, Sabra, only posting about 1 time per day.

Fan growth rate is also relatively strong, averaging almost 2% for the industry. That would be around 25% growth per year, and you can see Litehouse Foods, the second largest brand in this group growing at well over 5% in July.
Yet another interesting view on this chart is the comparison of the Engagements column to the 24h Engagements column. As we explain in this post about how to estimate the percent of engagement of a competitor’s post that was generated by paid promotion, It looks... Read more

Analysis of Diesel’s #dieselprefall15 fashion social media campaign

Posted by Doug Schumacher on August 12th, 2015 at 9:05 am

Diesel is one of the more innovative fashion brands when it comes to marketing, online or offline. So let’s take a look at their big summer campaign, #dieselprefall15. It’s a clever way to introduce new clothes early in the summer without stealing thunder from your fall lineup.
Reference the Subject Analyzer for #dieselprefall15, below. It’s for activity from June 1 to August 11 of this year. Once summer arrived, this campaign got right to work, launching on June 7th with posts across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the three networks we’re analyzing here. Posting hits a peak early, and then subsides slightly, with Facebook getting most of the posting early on. However, the campaign has continued on strong with posts every day but one all summer long. That’s how you rack up 285 posts in less than 3 months.
Note the posting distribution is almost equal across Instagram and Twitter. Of course, where the engagements come from is another story, with Instagram generating the overwhelming majority of engagements, and Facebook picking up most of the rest.
As Instagram seems to be coming a high-volume network more and more, like Twitter, it makes sense that Diesel would utilize its Facebook posts early, and then pair back while... Read more

Pet Food Social Media Campaign #becausebacon Analyzed

Posted by Doug Schumacher on August 11th, 2015 at 12:37 pm

The Beggin’ pet food brand has recently launched a new social media campaign around the hashtag #becausebacon. The Subject Analyzer report, below, includes a number of key metrics showing the calendar, network distribution, and related topics for this campaign.

The Posts chart shows that 71% of the campaigns posts are happening on Instagram. Looking at the next chart over, Engagements, you can see why. The brand’s Instagram content is generating an engagements-to-fans ratio significantly higher on that network than either Facebook or Twitter.
Looking at the Posting By Day chart, we see that Twitter and Facebook have only been used for the launch day, and the most recent day of posting, with the rest of the posts going to Instagram. Given the brand’s large community size on Facebook (see the Global Fan Leaderboard below), my assumption is that the brand is using dark, or targeted, posts to reach their Facebook community. Their fan base on that network is too large to not be leveraging for a campaign like this.

Taking a look at the brand’s content distribution for all public posts during this time period (July 1 – August 11, 2015), the Subject Analyzer report below shows the brand even more focused on Instagram.... Read more

Facebook Leaderboard for top Fruit Juice Brands

Posted by Doug Schumacher on August 10th, 2015 at 10:55 am

The leaderboard below shows how the top CPG fruit juice brands are performing on Facebook. This data is for the month of July, 2015.
Several interesting things stand out. The average posting volume of 20 is about 1 time per weekday, with Dole posting 45 times.
You can also see from Minute Maid’s engagements generated that you don’t have to have the most fans or the most posting volume to generate a lot of engagement. How are they doing that? It looks like a lot of their engagement has come from promoted posts, as you can see by comparing the total Engagements to the 24h Engagement columns. The bigger the difference between those two, the more likely they’re driving a lot of engagement from promotion (more on our post promotion detection method here).
That said, even when filtering out much of the promotional impact, as the 24h Engagement column does, we still see Minute Maid generating the most engagement, with a below-average fan count and posting volume.

Brands wanting to assess what works in this industry on Facebook would do well to analyze Minute Maid’s activities. Things like when they schedule their posts, what media format they use, and what topics they post about. Zuum’s Subject... Read more

Breaking Down The #chipotlecultivate Facebook campaign

Posted by Doug Schumacher on August 5th, 2015 at 9:08 am

Take a look at what an innovative brand like Chipotle does for their big Facebook campaign for the month of July, 2015.
Below is the Subject Explorer for June. These are all the topics Chipotle posting on. You can see how the #chipotlecultivate campaign pops out, for both its volume and engagement level, per the legend on the upper right.

Naturally that sparks curiosity around the #chipotlecultivate hashtag. From there, we can see exactly what type of content is behind that keyword, the calendar they posted on, and so on. Below is the Subject Analyzer with those data views, and more. Note the Top Related Terms chart, which gives you a sense of what the overall campaign is about.
The fan-generated content down in the lower right of the chart below is nice, too. You can see they set up a booth at the event to enable consumer posts with the event and Chipotle brand.
And it looks like Chipotle put some budget behind this campaign, as identified by the difference between the 24-hour engagement rate, and the normal engagement rate (more about how we detect post promotion here).
The Cultivate event is actually a series of events, and I’m guessing that Chipotle used private posting to reach specific groups... Read more