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8 Most Interesting Niche Social Networks

Posted by Morgan Sims on March 22nd, 2014 at 8:09 am

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram -- all social media networks that have taken the world by storm and account for a total of three billion active users. Although most people today have an account on at least one of these three popular social sites -- if not more -- there are other ones that people are flocking to because they cater toward a specific audience.
With that said, here are eight of the most interesting social networks in the vast, ever-expanding online world.
For Those Who Nurse and Nurture: Baby Gaga
This pregnancy and parenting community is where women who are trying to conceive, mothers to be, and mothers share their experiences with one another. Whether it's finding an answer to a question, reassurance, or even developing a life-long friendship, Baby Gaga has helped thousands of women network and come together.
For Those Obsessed With Food: Foodie
Although this isn't a niche per se -- we all love food -- it still demands a spot on the list because of how awesome this social network is. Instead of gathering around the dinner table to exchange their love for food, people gather at their computers to connect one another and share everything from new recipes to restaurant experiences.
For... Read more

How to Gain Real Value from Social Media Marketing

Posted by Kristin Hambelton on March 27th, 2013 at 12:47 pm

Social media will continue to be a prominent channel for marketing in 2013. It has forever changed the way brands interact with customers and prospects. While the majority of marketers are utilizing social media as a key communication channel, there are still a lot of question marks about the true value of marketing through social forums. Marketers need to change their mindset about how to use and derive value from these newer channels and eventually maximize the revenue potential of these captive audiences.
When marketers post a campaign to Facebook they may ask, how many likes will this drive or how many users will view this? Those aren’t necessarily the right questions as it relates to social media. These forums are different than other forms of communication and marketers need to start looking at the big picture. Social media is part of the consumers’ daily life, with over 1 billion Facebook users, reaching a vast amount of consumers through a forum they use nearly every day has a special value.
A recent survey found that 62 percent of marketers are leveraging social media profile data (e.g., profile ID, likes, and, interests). Yet, many marketers need to effectively leverage this profile data across... Read more

Is Linkedin Turning Into MySpace?

Posted by Dan Roche on February 21st, 2013 at 7:43 am

LinkedIn now has more than 200 million members, and with nearly two new users signing up every second, the site has certainly established itself as a leading social media networking channel. However, each time I access my LinkedIn account, it feels more and more like MySpace, disjointed and overpopulated with information and feeds, and less and less like a trusted source for professional networking communication.
LinkedIn seems to be having some type of identity crisis. Upon logging into my account, the page is flooded with news stories “recommended” by LinkedIn Today, a feed of updates from my connections and notifications of endorsements by people who probably don’t even know me well enough to offer such a recommendation.
In addition, there are sections for the following:

People I May Know (listed twice)
Who’s Viewed Your Profile
Your LinkedIn Network
Jobs I May Be Interested In
Groups I May Like
Companies You May Want To Follow
Ads by LinkedIn Members (listed twice)

Plus, if you’ve already joined a group(s) and haven’t unchecked the feature allowing member messages to be emailed to you, your inbox will be inundated with comments and discussions (many irrelevant).
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Valentine's Data Crunching — Being Strategic In Love And Marketing

Posted by Alison Kessler on February 13th, 2013 at 11:44 am

What can marketers learn from a data-crunching SEO-optimized online dater? A lot.

It’s the Community That Counts

Posted by Jeff Hirsch on January 29th, 2013 at 9:58 am

While in NYC last week, I attended a digital conference at which there was tremendous buzz about Facebook—it’s rampant growth, the value of the Facebook ad exchange, and about their mobile and attribution products.  No one can argue the transformation that has occurred globally, in terms of both a cultural shift and an enormous user base.
I also spent some time with my two daughters and their friends while in town. One daughter is 24, a young professional living in Manhattan. The other is 19, a sophomore at NYU.  They each have extensive groups of friends, both in their immediate vicinity and around the country.  What is their take on Facebook? Meh. Especially since their parents and grandparents are on it.
The juxtaposition of these two groups—media professionals vs. young adults—as it pertains to Facebook led me to look deeper at organic trends.  Facebook started as a private means by which groups of people could communicate.  This originated with school groups, then expanded to like-age groups, and now covers almost any group that can be imagined.  The uniqueness and closed-community notion have disappeared.
My kids and their friends are moving quickly to other platforms.  Instagram is a prevalent instrument (with no thought to... Read more