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The Social Buyer Engagement Index

Posted by Tony Zambito on October 5th, 2011 at 10:18 am

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In my recent article, The Ascent of the Social Buyer, I made mention that social buyers today were exhibiting an internalized Social Engagement Index.  The mention of a Social Engagement Index is not new.  The people at Alterian have talked about a Social Engagement Index (SEI) as well as a Social Sentiment Engagement Index (SSEI).  Recently, Brent Leary and John Hernandez offered a perspective for The Social Customer in a report called The Social Customer Engagement Index 2011.  The report focused primarily on how companies are leveraging social tools and technologies to reach and engage customers in customer service interactions.  It also pays note to how satisfied customers are with these interactions.
My mention of a Social Buyer Engagement Index is coming from a different direction.  In my anthropological inspired studies, the interest has been on the value buyers today are placing on the ability of companies to provide social engagement capabilities.  It is asking the question: are buyers today evaluating a company’s social engagement capabilities as part of the overall buying experience as well as social experience?  Although in an embryo stage with further research warranted, I think we are beginning to see the emergence... Read more

The Ascent of the Social Buyer

Posted by Tony Zambito on October 4th, 2011 at 11:46 am

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While we've seen the rise of the social consumer in the past two years reshape the concept of social currency, we are witnessing the ascent of the social buyer embracing social commerce.  The B2B buyer continues to ascend and advance in the use of social technologies, networks, and commerce that are radically changing the notion of business as usual.  We are seeing the birth of a new era in B2B commerce that is more social, more connected, and more humanized.
The B2B buyer, for decades, has engaged in primarily offline buying activities.  With the advent of the Internet, we began to see the first shifts in online buyer behaviors influencing how plans and decisions were made in a B2B context.  As the constant motion of the social age evolves, offline and online buying activities are blending into a myriad of new buying behaviors that are yet to be defined clearly.  Like a lens, we are still trying to focus the picture on seeing clearing today as well as into the future how these new social buying behaviors will change B2B commerce as we know it.
A New Social Engagement Index
One of the more interesting developments in the ascent of the... Read more

The New Social Buyer Ecosystem

Posted by Tony Zambito on September 26th, 2011 at 9:02 am

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From a B2B market view, the new social buyer ecosystem continues to undergo a rapid evolution.  The pace in 2011 has noticeably quickened.  While the social customer ecosystem in the B2C market space is still legions ahead of B2B, it behooves B2B executives to not fall prey to the false sense that the comparative differences means they have to pay little attention.  A new social buyer ecosystem is developing with implications on our conventional thinking about how B2B buyers in particular may actually go about researching and buying.
New Buyer Perspectives Evolving
As a primer to talking about the ecosystem, it is important to first visit how buyers are changing against what we think is actually going on.  We know from such sources as Basesone’s Buyersphere Report what B2B buyers are doing respective to the use of social media and the Internet as they ultimately make purchase decisions.  My focus has been on using qualitative research to understand how buyers are developing social oriented ecosystems and how does this map to conventional thinking in B2B marketing and Sales.  There have been some surprising revelations.  I would like to break this down for you in several categories and let the actual... Read more

The Influence of the Social Buyer on B2B Business

Posted by Tony Zambito on September 22nd, 2011 at 9:04 am

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In the B2B world, the emergence of the Social Buyer is causing organizations to search for better ways to reach its’ base of buyers.  What we do know is that B2B buyers are demanding more social experiences in their buying processes.   To date, it appears that many of the efforts to reach buyers remain tactical in nature.  Companies are looking to social media and other means such as content marketing to fit into their existing structure and business operations.  This approach, if wedded to existing structures, may in fact be impeding the evolution of B2B organizations to not only adapt to changes in buyer behaviors but also align their organizations to the emerging Social Buyer.
What we continue to witness is how compartmentalized efforts are being aligned with existing departments.  Certain tactical initiatives related to social networking, content strategy, demand generation, and more continue to have a very provincial nature to them and the debate related to proverbial “who owns this” continues to be avoided.  Business leaders, especially those in B2B, must take heed to what is happening in the under layers of their business industry and what influence the Social Buyer is having in their marketplace.  Here are just three that... Read more

Social Buyerology: Listening to the Social Buyer

Posted by Tony Zambito on September 14th, 2011 at 11:58 am

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This is the third installment of my reflection on Social Buyerology.  The first article, Social Buyerology: Understanding Buyers in the Social Age reflected on the need for a new science of examining buyers in the social age.  The second, The Research Methods of Social Buyerology, reviewed the types of research methods needed to attain a deep understanding of the new social buyer persona.  In this third installment, we look at how Social Buyerology can be designed to listen to revealing insights about the social buyer.
One of the first premises of Social Buyerology is that it must reside within a social organization.  There has to be a degree of openness and courageous leadership to accept that there is a new social buyer persona on the horizon and that an organization must adapt.  Even if an organization has not started efforts to address social marketing and social selling, there must be a conscious agreement that the first step will be taken down the path towards becoming a social organization.  Only then will insights be listened to and responded to.
Behavioral Listening
In my previous article, The Research Methods of Social Buyerology, I covered the many various qualitative approaches that can used to... Read more