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13 Trends in 2013: #3 Social influence moves beyond ‘like’ to incentive driven recommendations

Posted by Winnie Brignac Hart and Lorrie Brignac Lee on November 8th, 2012 at 1:06 pm

As you are planning for 2013, your business will find itself facing questions concerning the social impact of your business and brand.  Winnie Hart and Lorrie Lee from TwinEngine share 13 in 2013 – Social Media Marketing trends that will take flight.
#3 Social influence moves beyond ‘like’ to incentive driven recommendations
- Consumers will market to consumers
- Marketers reward consumers for marketing
- Move beyond 'Like' to incentives
- Micro-targeting gains impact
For a complete list of the 13 in 2013 Social Media Trends - http://blogs.imediaconnection.com/blog/2012/11/05/socialmediatrends2013/
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Creativing :: Apple’s move into iBook publishing, Why brands are struggling with social, and Square’s core branding approach

Posted by Doug Schumacher on January 19th, 2012 at 1:05 pm

10 links that point to the future of marketing:
Apple announces free iBooks Author OS X app for publishing books to the App Store
Amazon certainly has a sizable lead in the personal publishing space, but I’ve been more than a little surprised that they haven’t moved faster towards making it much, much easier to create Kindle books. Apple has already proven their ability to take simple UX to large audiences, from musicians using GarageBand to mass consumers purchasing through the iTunes store. If Apple can own the best creative process, they could end up with the best content.
Via @briansolis
Social As We See It: Digital Trends for 2012
A good outline of some top line trends and the apps that are helping make it happen.
Via @postadvertising
55% of Brand Ambassadors Prefer Facebook
Not much info in support of the research methodology, but overall this doesn’t surprise me. In fact, I’d have thought it would be higher.
Via @Britopian
Disruptions: Design Sets the Tone at a New Start-Up
An good example of branding that goes straight to the core of a company. It’s brand building by demonstration.
Via @kdoohan
Twitter Calls on Former Apple Exec for Marketing Help
Per the article, I’m not sure Twitter’s... Read more

Creativing :: “People Talking About This” explained, How The Web Works, and 6 Big Shifts in Social Media for 2012

Posted by Doug Schumacher on January 13th, 2012 at 1:19 pm

10 links that point to the future of interactive marketing:
‘People Talking About This’ defined
Like a lot of things on Facebook, it’s not entirely transparent, but the short answer is, it’s a look at the unique number of people who’ve referenced your page in some way over the past week.
Via @JayBaer
Is email going out with 2011?
This is an interesting POV on what’s been an ongoing debate. I’d say Yes, social media is replacing email, but of course, the more you connect with people via social media, the more email you’re likely to get. It’s written by the Craig in Craigslist, who’s always a good read.
Via @MariSmith
5 Tips for Making Your Brand More Social
It’s good to see more emphasis being placed on How we communicate, and not just what to do when. That’s the real differentiator.
Via @Mike_Stelzner @PhillipDavis
OpenSocial and the Future of Social Business
Perhaps the most likely Facebook competitor at this point could be a combination of all other social networks working together fluidly. A good overview of Open Social.
Via @Britopian
Six Important Shifts for Social Media In 2012
Really like this post, especially the part about Strategic Content Planning. Companies of all size and... Read more

Creativing :: Facebook ads appealing to the ego, Driving while radio-listening, and the ideal social media team

Posted by Doug Schumacher on January 5th, 2012 at 3:12 pm

10 links that point to the future of marketing:
Facebook Users With High Self-Esteem Prefer Targeted Ads @PSFK
So would ads that try to create a need by making the viewer feel lacking or inadequate be better off on a friend’s page? Interesting psychology going on here.
From @johnboese
Of Rogues and Gentlemen — New blog from Brooks Brothers
In the world of content marketing, blogs could be making a comeback. Especially for retail companies that need to push new products and promotions heavily on their website.
From @mrstephenbeck
This is What Happens When You Give Thousands of Stickers to Thousands of Kids | …
Love this installation art piece. Great way for a museum to connect with kids.
From felipe.bascope
Model Stars As Alexander Olch In Necktie Tutorial | NewMediaRockstars
I like this simple piece of content. It’s both fun and informative, in a pretty fluid way. The model is certainly going to add to the budget, but she also sets them up for a good amount of buzz, as well.
When the Car Radio Was Introduced, People Freaked Out – Mental Floss
Interesting story about the onset of car radios and the danger they seemed to impose. I’m not advocating texting-while-driving, but this ... Read more

Don’t Get "Like"-Vision, Support Facebook with Other Vehicles

Posted by Kimberly Struyk on May 13th, 2011 at 7:00 am

Even though your boss may have "like"-vision for the moment, take a moment to think about what worked before the Facebook era to understand if other vehicles are perhaps playing a 'behind the scenes' supporting role to Facebook brand successes.
I am going to jump onto the Facebook bandwagon to bring you what I have learned so far (but I do not promise to stay on the wagon for long).  I know that Facebook is an inexpensive form of advertising and yes, I agree, it has forever changed the Marketing landscape.
Below I dig out three high level key takeaways gained from playing in the website and fan page sandbox thus far.
Across both platforms, it still holds true that it is not just about quantity but about quality of traffic.
So this means that while you may have X amount of traffic, X number of fans and X number of likes, these numbers are arbitrary unless the proper audience is attracted to the experience and (secondly) the experience influences them with the right information.  To provide insight into traffic patterns for each platform, I generally see that the Facebook fan page attracts entrenched brand consumers who want to spend time engaging with the... Read more