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Why You Should Call a Truce with Multichannel Showrooming

Posted by Jeannie Walters on January 21st, 2014 at 9:23 am

It's a losing battle.
At 360Connext, our Customer Experience Investigators™ have been working hard to gather evidence to build a case against showrooming. What we have found may surprise you.
Showrooming is here to stay. Here's why:
Instead of truthfully working to understand the way customers behave, many retailers are trying to combat showrooming in ways that are not truly customer-centric. Customers are not afraid to use the technology that brings more information to their fingertips. The ability to quickly and easily do some comparison shopping right from their smartphones is now commonplace.
What does this really mean for retailers? If you're going to try and battle showrooming, you are going to lose. Customers will most certainly, now more than ever, shop on their own terms.
Embracing showrooming for a win/win experience
Personal care and cosmetics retailer Sephora is winning the loyalty of milions of customers simply by offering a world of choices and encouraging them to shop on their own terms- from mobile, desktop, in real life, or a combination of any of the above.
It goes to show you, if you offer customers the shopping experience THEY want, and embrace their habits and preferences instead of trying to change their behavior, it may take some... Read more

‘Nonline’ Shopping: The Next Great Digital Marketing Opportunity

Posted by Keith Trivitt on November 12th, 2012 at 11:30 am

As the 2012 holiday shopping season heats up, one trend many marketers and analysts will closely monitor is the concept of “showrooming.” Showrooming occurs when consumers try out merchandise in stores then go online to buy them, often at a discounted price.
Fifty-six percent of American consumers are expected to participate in some aspect of showrooming this holiday season, according to Mobile Marketer.
Showrooming is driving many brick-and-mortar retailers crazy as they attempt to thwart the effects of Amazon and other online retailers on their bottom line. It’s also causing several well-known global retail giants, including Best Buy, to seriously rethink the physical size and make-up of their stores.
So what’s a savvy retailer marketer to do in the wake of showrooming’s rise and dominance of commerce?
The marketing geniuses at Google might just have the answer. After surveying 1,500 holiday consumers about their shopping habits, Google has found that the “lines between online and offline commerce are blurring,” according to Direct Marketing News. Google details these findings in its recently released Pre-Holiday 2012 Consumer Intentions study.
Despite dire predictions within marketing ranks that consumers would start to skip physical stores entirely in favor of online shopping, Google’s study finds that isn’t the case. In fact,... Read more

The evils of Amazon showrooming: A response

Posted by Eric Anderson on December 14th, 2011 at 2:27 pm

The following is a response to Emma Straub's Time.com piece, "Browse at a Bookstore, Buy at Amazon: The Evil of Showrooming."
Dear Ms. Straub,
I was surprised to learn, in your recent article on Time.com, that I am evil. While I am generally regarded as an obnoxious smartass, I had foolishly believed, until I read your article, that only my wife’s cat and my first-grade teacher, Sister Victorine, saw me as truly evil.
Admittedly, you did not single me out as the devil’s spawn; you took a broad swipe at a large and growing segment of your own customer base – those who [shudder] scan the barcodes on books with their smartphones while browsing in independent bookstores like yours. You reached the summary judgment that we lowly, “sneaky” barcode scanners are “selling out” your bookstore by using it as a showroom to browse books that we intend to purchase from the depths of Hades itself, Amazon.com.
I understand why independent booksellers and other local merchants are vexed by the problem of shoppers defecting to Amazon for lower prices; our own Digital Futures Group studied this phenomenon in its report on mobile retail behavior. But perhaps my own buying habits will prove illuminating. When I’m... Read more