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Top 10 Brand Viral Videos 2012 (Video)

Posted by Rick Mathieson on December 5th, 2012 at 4:39 pm

Which brands scored big in branded viral videos this year?
On the heels of our Top 10s in Augmented Reality, 3D Projection, Mobile Marketing, Digital Outdoor and Social Media, we've put together our list for this catagory - and once again flirt with controversy for leaving out a certain elephant in the room.
That elephant: Kony 2012. With 96.4 million views, it is by far the most viral video of the year, if not ever. But we aren't covering cause related virals here. This list is strictly brand territory. And on that front, while many of our picks were indeed viral sensations, we're not choosing them based on views. Rather, it's a list of our favorites here at GEN WOW.
Hey, it's a personal thing. Let us know if you agree, or if not, what virals would make your list.
10. Procter & Gamble: Thank You Momma - The Best Job in the World
Being a mom is an Olympian task, after all. Gets you right there.
9. Red Bull: Fearless Felix Baumgartner - 'Stratos'
The pre-roll to the stunt of the year - and the second only to Kony for fastest video to reach 50 million views.
8. DC Shoes: Gymkhana - San Francisco
Anyone who's ever driven... Read more

Report: The Most Engaging Facebook Content For Sport Shoe Brands

Posted by Doug Schumacher on August 24th, 2011 at 3:06 pm

This week we look at, among other things, the content calendar behind the most successful post of the month, the online launch of DC Shoes "Gymkhana" video. (The posting calendar for the event, highlighted in the the orange box, is shown below.)

This week's report analyzes the following brands:

DC Shoes
adidas Originals

Three of the big takeaways from this week's analysis:

The most engaging posts across the industry involve photos and videos

Not surprising from such a visually-driven industry

DC Shoes built a successful video launch through a well-executed lead-in campaign

Analysis of how DC Shoes launched their Gymkana video

Creativity as a brand personality trait helps activate communities

Converse has a long history of fostering consumer creativity; It's not surprising to see their fans actively posting their own creations

You can review or download the entire report here: http://bit.ly/shoe215
If you’d like to analyze the same data yourself with Facebook page analysis tool Zuum, you can register to get access here.