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3 Things Holding Back B2B Adoption of Social Media

Posted by Daniel Flamberg on November 25th, 2009 at 12:00 am

B2B marketers are schizophrenic about social media. On one hand they've been doing social media, offline and using older technology for years. On the other hand they are standing on the sidelines watching the action and trying to decide if or when to join the fray.
The fundamentals of social media -- networking, user generated content, content sharing and real-time interaction -- has been going on in Listservs, user groups, chat rooms and branded and industry publication and association sites for years. Some of the earliest users of the web, were B2B marketers eager to use the new technology to automate and accelerate conversations and discussions among experts and specialists. so its surprising that they have been reluctant to embrace the new players. 
But I suspect there will be an explosion of private and gated online communities in the B2B space soon. Pioneers like Sermo and VuMedi are gathering doctors, vetting them and offering platforms for robust, specialized conversations away from public eyes and ears. This pattern will be repeated over and over again in the next few years augmented by bandwidth to support video, animations, limitless numbers of real-time interactions and enhanced security. 
This will continue the migration of offline B2B communications... Read more