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My Grandma has 114 friends on FaceBook. Are You Marketing to Her?

Posted by Jen Samples on October 30th, 2009 at 12:00 am

My grandmother is 67 years old, married, lives in Atlanta, Ga and likes to travel.  She doesn't mind me telling you this because it's on Facebook. She's on Facebook and she is an active member who chats, uploads photos, and writes "I love you" on my wall. 
At first it skeeved me out a little bit, I must admit.  My private life is well…private.  However, once I thought about it and rationalized that my so-called private life was available to 600 other people, I kind of got used to the idea of sharing things with my "Mimi" online.    Living 3000+ miles away from my family gives me the opportunity to communicate with them and not have to worry about time zones or calling too late.   It also allows us to share our daily lives with each other,which helps me feel connected and able to keep up with my family.   
Now that my Mimi and Papa are retired, they are busier than I am.   They travel extensively, hold dinner parties, and attend concerts and plays.  However, what excites me the most is that my grandparents include technology (particularly the internet) in their daily activities.  She helps plan her 50th high... Read more