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The 7 Tips to Building Relationships, Not Barriers.

Posted by Daniel Alvarez on October 17th, 2013 at 10:00 am

In a sales-driven world, it can be hard to remember that the majority of salespersons are not the run-of-the-mill wheeling and dealing sharks you may have heard of. In fact, the best salespersons are the complete opposite. They have mastered what the stereotypical salespeople have not: listening. Yes, you read that right- listening is the cornerstone to building a business relationship. Hell, it’s probably the foundation for any type of relationship but I’ll leave that for a future post.
Sales drive businesses to improve their offerings, it’s what create competition between companies and it’s the reason the majority of us have a job. Because at the end of the day, somewhere down the pipeline, someone is making a sale. And the creative space is no different.
In our space, creating lasting relationships with clients and potential clients is of utmost importance. The main reason being we’re not in a transactional environment, we rely on ongoing business dealings with the same client rather than a turn and burn approach. In addition, our sales cycle is much longer; we have many meetings prior to the start of a project and finally, sell through education. As you educate your client, you’ll become a resource, an... Read more

Your Top Priority Is Growing The SMB Revenue Base – Now What?

Posted by Tony Zambito on April 16th, 2012 at 8:35 am

This is part 1 of a series on the challenge of targeting SMB markets and how the use of target buyer modeling and buyer-based marketing help organizations to grow their SMB customer base.
As we continue to come out of the deep freeze over the last few years, we are beginning to see encouraging signs of an economic recovery. However, the purse strings are still drawn tight and new patterns of buying has created an atmosphere of even more exacting pricing pressures from enterprise-wide level buyers and accounts. This means less room for revenue growth to come directly from the fabled 20-30 percent of large customers who typically have made up 70-80 percent of total revenues. This is how a VP of Sales in the software industry put it to me recently in my research:
“Here is what it looks like…we are actually selling more of our product into our larger accounts than ever before….but…over the last three years we've faced stiffer competition that has driven our pricing down. So the net-net has been that we are just holding on as best we can to these larger accounts. Another words, we are not getting significant real... Read more

Are Sales Pitches Dead in the New Buyer Experience Economy?

Posted by Tony Zambito on April 14th, 2011 at 11:55 am

Image by TheeErin via Flickr
The good old days, for some sales and marketing people, were the days huddling up for the big presentation.  All bent on creating the slide deck of all slide decks to wow the prospect.  Everyone working on their portion of the sales pitch to be sure they are in tune and in the right key – just like an American Idol contest.  Knowing full well they will be judged by a panel of buyers and waiting with anticipated breath to see if they make it to the next stage of the dance.
As the new buyer experience economy evolves, these so called good old days are faced with extinction.  The sales pitch, as we’ve known it for the past few decades, is dead.  Without belaboring the points that became more prominent the last few years, we all know that buyers are off doing their own thing in the early stages of the buying process.  The digital capabilities of today doing the job salespeople of yesteryears did.  This rapid transformation into a buyer experience economy is causing many organizations to look at what really matters to buyers.  And what is becoming more evident is that buyers care more... Read more