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SEO Evolution: Sell, Discover, Deliver & Report on Highly Converting Keywords

Posted by Krista LaRiviere on April 16th, 2013 at 7:34 am

To produce strong SEO results and happy clients, focus your SEO efforts on traffic and conversions, not rank.

SEO Buying & Selling Tricks that Create Unachievable SEO Results & Expectations

Posted by Krista LaRiviere on January 22nd, 2013 at 10:11 am

The techniques and tactics of “doing” SEO are forever changing and constantly challenging. For many SEO agencies, the marketing and selling of SEO services is a bigger hurdle than the task of actually obtaining improved organic search results for clients. Competing for marketing dollars while proving value through the sales process needs to be accomplished even before the insurmountable task of obtaining ROI through the Google search box begins.
From an SEO buyer’s perspective, it must be downright confusing and discouraging to obtain multiple quotes from SEO service providers that very clearly have differing price ranges and service methodologies, but not so clearly defined differentiating skill sets and experience.
So sellers attempt to make it easier for buyers to understand SEO proposals in order to ultimately get to a closed deal - a signature on a contract. In the meantime, are they undermining their own profession and setting themselves up for failure by setting unrealistic expectations with clients?
Or are SEO clients being unrealistic in their expectations of SEO results in the short term versus the long term, leading SEO service providers to drastic measures that may ultimately result in the client’s web presence being penalized in organic search? Or even results in... Read more

Direct Marketing in the Year Ahead

Posted by Michael Benedek on January 15th, 2013 at 1:03 pm

With the close of 2012, the online ad industry is percolating with industry predictions for the New Year. There are several trends that we can expect will continue in 2013 as well as new ones that will arise. According to my crystal ball, I believe we will see:
• The inevitable continuation (and acceleration) of marketing data/analytics providers migrating from offline to online
• The inevitable continued migration of advertising budgets from search-to-display
• Increased demand for data (as we're still in the 2nd or 3rd inning of a long game)
• Consolidation taking place as highest-quality data providers rise to the top
Migration of budgets from offline to online is something that direct marketers have been experimenting with for some time, and this New Year is no different. Marketers, who have leveraged offline data to reach consumers through direct mail and other traditional offline channels, will continue to follow their target customers as they migrate online and onto mobile devices. Offline data companies that stand still will be left behind as marketers test, scale and leverage high-performing online data, sometimes on a stand-alone basis and sometimes integrated with offline data.
Along with this trend is the continued tendency for consumers to spend a significantly greater proportion of their... Read more

Social-Local Optimization: A Strategic Imperative in 2013

Posted by Rob Reed on December 27th, 2012 at 8:33 am

In 2012 we have seen several brands starting to take local optimization of their social channels seriously. Why? Because brands are realizing they need to set up their locations for maximum search, engagement, and discovery. It must be done for Facebook and Foursquare, which also optimizes a number of third-party apps powered by their venue data, such as Instagram, Path, Uber, Viddy, and hundreds more.

A brand’s local Facebook pages and Foursquare venues are brand assets that ought to be managed accordingly. Locations need to be properly claimed and optimized with consistent branding and accurate metadata (specifically their lat/longs) to maximize the value of these assets.
Two recent developments will significantly increase this value:
First, Facebook just announced a major update to its mobile apps that puts local “search, engagement, and discovery” at the center of the mobile experience – at the center of the most popular mobile app on the planet.
According to Facebook, its updated Nearby tab "helps people discover places near them based on their friends’ recommendations. People can explore by category (ex: restaurants or hotels); connect to businesses directly from their phone (by liking, checking in, calling, or getting directions); rate the places they visit via a five-star system; and share their recommendations... Read more

Ten SEO Truths of 2012 for Agencies and In-House SEO Teams

Posted by Krista LaRiviere on December 12th, 2012 at 10:19 am

Search Engine Optimization agencies, professionals and in-house teams have difficult jobs – obtain improved organic search results as quickly as possible given a limited budget and timeframe, while Google changes its algorithm on a daily basis and competitors continue to optimize their web presence. I think it’s safe to say that managing the clients’ or boss’ expectations in this turbulent environment are almost more difficult than the moving target of SEO itself.
I spend a lot of time thinking about how the SEO landscape has changed for the better over the past three years, with Google’s continued and unwavering focus on the concept of relevance. However, three aspects of SEO have not changed at the same pace. The outcome is often a gap in expectations between the team delivering SEO services and the client literally banking on the results. The three aspects of SEO that I feel have not changed at the same pace as the SEO industry include:

The way SEO services are marketed and sold.
The processes around how SEO is delivered and reported on.
The ability for agencies and in-house teams to prove the ROI of SEO efforts.

But the importance of SEO in the digital marketing mix remains unchanged and unchallenged.... Read more