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Look-Alike vs. Do-Alike Data

Posted by Chad Little on August 16th, 2013 at 7:37 am

It can be difficult to get a straight, simple answer from most companies in our industry about what they do – they/we tend to overcomplicate things. It’s what I like to refer to “Booth Babble syndrome.” You know, that tradeshow booth that contains an ungodly amount of text that says absolutely nothing. When asking the people attending the booth, “So what they hell do you do?” you’ll get a different answer each time. You lost me at “asynchronous” or “synergistic” or “bla bla bla.”
I think a lot of companies do this because there really isn’t a good answer as to what makes them different. They just don’t have a product or service that’s unique in any way. So the only real way to sell their useless products is to layer on lots of fancy, confusing words and attempt to baffle the buyer.
Some of the worst culprits are data companies and the metrics they use to sell to advertisers. I tend to look at online data in 2 simplified buckets: look-alike and do-alike. Advertisers tend to be very confused about the difference, but it’s something they need to know.
Look-Alike Data: Why Not Use It?
Advertisers would purchase this type of data based... Read more

Retargeting’s Dirty Little Secrets

Posted by Chad Little on July 24th, 2013 at 7:18 am

The team here at adhesive.co has been in the retargeting industry for a long time. We helped pioneer the space with the founding of FetchBack in 2007, back when the networks didn’t even know what retargeting was.
Since that time FetchBack has grown into the niche we knew it would, a service that has become a budget-line item for online marketers. It’s also become a hyper-competitive space with everyone claiming they can provide the same services and features. In the long run, this competition is great for marketers. Service levels should be increasing with prices declining. There are always the good players in with the bad. We thought it would be important to put together a quick checklist of what to watch out for when reviewing a retargeting partner. Never be afraid to ask pointed questions when you’re in the evaluation process. Actually, it doesn’t hurt to ask these questions of those you’re already working with!

Frequency caps: This is a big one. There are benefits to having a cost-per-click model when purchasing ad inventory, including retargeting. But there is a downside. The vendor is motivated to ship as many ads as possible in order to drive clicks. This can create a... Read more

How Retargeting Works: Everything you need to know about the most popular innovation in online marketing.

Posted by John Gumas on July 22nd, 2013 at 10:10 pm

There has been a revolution in the world of online advertising. No longer are advertisers guessing at what viewers might be interested in based on age, gender, or other generic demographics. They now have targeted research of exactly which websites should be promoted to which people, and they are putting that information to good use.
The Basics
This breakthrough is called “retargeting”, a system which reminds Internet users of previously visited websites and urges them to return. Through retargeting, companies can identify people that have expressed some interest in their product and exclusively advertise to them. This creates a higher click through rate and, with persistence, results in a larger conversion rate. Viewers also benefit from seeing their screens filled with more relevant information as retargeting allocates limited advertising space more effectively.
New Innovations
Retargeting as an online advertising strategy has grown exponentially in recent years. Adroll, a San Francisco based company that specializes in retargeting, has increased its revenue by over 400% in the last four years. Other agencies are innovating even more ways to retarget. The New York City based media firm Collective has developed a software product that retargets television viewers online using data from cable TV set-up boxes. RadiumOne, a... Read more

'Best of Show' B2B – A Summit Int'l Creative Award Winner (Case Study Video)

Posted by Rick Mathieson on May 29th, 2013 at 12:29 pm

You've never seen B2B marketing quite like this before.
This initiative just won "Best of Show" for best integrated campaign at the Summit International Creative Awards.
How are you using B2C approaches in your B2B marketing? Share your stories here!

Closing the Loop – Email plus Display Marketing

Posted by Leslie Van Zee on January 31st, 2013 at 11:28 am

Integrating email with your advertising campaign has many advantages for both the consumer and the business. Not only is it a good way to increase your marketing response rates, it can create closer relationships with the majority your company's regular customers. When you integrate display ad campaigns into email marketing, you can create a system that can keep in touch with the customer while, at the same time, showing them that there is more that they can do with your business.