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Why Relevance Rules Digital Marketing

Posted by Jonathan Gardner on January 24th, 2012 at 12:02 pm

When you look at the buffet of content available to us these days – from every conceivable source, on every established and emerging platform – you might think that content remains the manna of digital marketing that it once was.
It’d be an understatement to say that brands have embraced content creation as a marketing strategy. Branded content has become a staple of cross-platform, integrated marketing campaigns everywhere, as a nearly fail-proof way to engage consumers, and turn them into customers. As industry analyst Rebecca Lieb said recently, every single one of the major brands she speaks with is increasing its production of original content.
But am I alone in thinking that maybe it’s enough already? Sooner or later, some savvy startup or sprawling conglomerate has to realize that the long tail is losing its appeal. More isn’t always better, as Sheena Iyengar said in her awesome TED Talk. What we need isn’t customization, but relevance.
So how can we, as marketers, deliver the relevance customers want and need? How can we ensure that our content – whether it’s an article, an ad, or an image – reaches the right consumers in the most relevant and meaningful way?
Behavioral targeting gets part of the... Read more

5 Ways to Prevent a Holiday Marketing Hangover

Posted by Jonathan Gardner on November 16th, 2011 at 10:06 am

Holiday madness has made many an excellent marketer lose their head. Listen to some expert advice and best practices to get you through to the new year with maximum brand lift and conversions!

Taming the Consumer Data Beast to Drive Relevance and Results

Posted by John Nardone on October 20th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Back in July in this Behavioral Insider article, Laurie Sullivan brought up what has been a vexing roadblock along the path to success in online ad targeting: how to manage the vast amounts of consumer data that can be collected by cookies and ad tags.
While there are many ways to deal with this thorny issue, the fact is it's not really a question of storage and CPUs, but one of analytics. When you think about the issue of data overload, the challenge is identifying and leveraging what is relevant to your campaign from what is dross. But this is a very subjective process: a publisher will have quite different criteria for relevance than an individual marketer
The suggestion of creating standard definitions for relevance is a very publisher-centric view. Standards are great when you're trying to sell impressions, but less so when you're a marketer trying to obtain unique audience segments. A standard criterion for relevance of an automotive segment, for example, might be all adults aged 18-35 who have visited an auto site in the past 30 days, but for an individual auto marketer, it may be that only those who have visited a specific competitor in the last five... Read more