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Re-Targeting Means Re-Thinking Creative

Posted by Matt Rosenberg on March 4th, 2011 at 3:47 pm

Re-targeting gives us a great tool to take someone who has qualified themselves as a lead and keep them warm while they are in the consideration process. But re-targeting requires a creative plan as well as a media plan. Case in point:
I am starting to think about getting a new car. I have an Infiniti that I love, but which is rear-wheel drive and not making me comfortable in this snowy winter. So I'm looking for AWD and, because I don't drive a lot of highway anymore, a hybrid. Because I love my car, I went to infiniti.com to see if they had a hybrid.
They didn't. But they do have an AWD and, out of curiosity and a bit of brand loyalty, I went through the configuration process. At the end, I realized that really hybrid is the way I want to go.
Now, though, pretty much wherever I go on that computer, I am served ads for the car I configured and abandoned. From adwords to display to tickers on youtube, it's all infiniti. Now, this is doing one job, which is to keep infiniti on my mind.... Read more