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5 Mobile Rules from Top Marketers

Posted by Jonathan Gardner on August 14th, 2012 at 6:31 am

Portions of this article appeared previously on Mashable.com.
Let’s face it: mobile advertising still has a long way to go. Facebook finally announced its latest and greatest mobile-ad effort last week, but smart industry folks say it still leaves much to be desired. And even though more money’s flowing toward mobile, the dollars spent on mobile marketing still don’t come close to aligning with the amount of time we spend with smartphones in hand. In fact, some say that the only reason mobile pulls in ad spend is because it’s so  damn cheap.
Even so, it seems inevitable that mobile’s share of spend will continue to increase – if only because it already owns such a significant share of mind. Mobile also has serious potential to perform for marketers. A Nielsen report out this week showed a shorter time to purchase and dramatically higher purchase rates among mobile consumers. And leaders at trailblazing agencies are putting serious effort into setting the mobile agenda for the rest of the marketing world.
Mobile has transcended its role as a connection and convergence device. In the words of Starcom MediaVest Group’s Jesse Missad, “it will be part of every communications plan.”
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Advertising Week 2011 – Bringing Mobile to the Main Stage

Posted by Marcus Startzel on October 11th, 2011 at 11:23 am

Last Thursday was the final day of Advertising Week 2011, and we did our part to close the show with a bang by bringing a mobile panel to the main stage. I was joined by Paul Gelb, Vice President and Mobile Lead at Razorfish, and Jason Newport, SVP of Mobile Strategy at Carat, and the three of us had a great discussion on how brands are currently succeeding in the space.
A large part of the discussion was focused on different verticals, and how various industries are all finding their own creative ways to leverage the mobile channel. Paul Gelb said that “every vertical has found a way to use mobile,” and he then went on to give a few different examples from clients of his.
Coors beer for example, is a brand that Paul said was ramping up quickly, largely because they have seen that mobile is a great way to reach their core audience. Paul also spoke about some of the work Razorfish has done with Disney, who often turns to mobile to promote new movie releases. Paul mentioned that this past summer, studies have shown... Read more

Marketing's Identity Crisis

Posted by David Wiggs on May 15th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Since this post is part of the24 Hours of Innovation, I thought it'd be appropriate to start with a quote from futuristBob Johansen, President of the Institute of the Future from 1996-2004 In his bookGet There Early, Johansen asserts that "no one can predict the future." By his definition, predictions are statements of whatwillhappen—and they're almost always wrong. Futurists forecast whatmayhappen and "a forecast doesn't need to come true to be valuable."  Forecasts are valuable when they "provoke new thought, new insights, new possible actions, or new ways of thinking about the present [and] you don't need to agree with a forecast to find it useful."
To that end,My Pep Talk for 2009during the24 Hours of Innovationis less a statement of fact about the future of marketing innovation and more an outline of real examples, rhetorical challenges and possible outcomes.
The marketing hard sell and cold call have given way to interactions where brands intersect a customer's life and add to their experience, provide clarity or make the customer's life easier. But marketing strategies and tactics are not in line with this new role; it's the basis of an identity crisis in marketing—the likes of which we've never seen.
Marketing's identity crisis
Marketing has an identity crisis... Read more

Web 3.0 is already dead

Posted by Michael Leis on November 21st, 2008 at 12:00 am

In an astounding turn of events, only hours after Razorfish CEO Clark Kokich issued last rites for Web 2.0 here in iMediaConnection, Web 3.0 was declared dead on arrival at county jargon hospital.

Trotting out one buzzword after another, Clark both decries the shiny objects, "For us, it's not a new technology or a new technique. Rather, its how clients and agencies are using digital to transform how brands deal with customers," and then lauds them by featuring the ability to put a picture of an Audi on a picture of your garage, or bringing Microsoft and AT&T together with the use of surface interfaces.

Is there anything more gimmicky and irrelevant than finding out the price of an object through a sparkly table computer interface? Maybe the assumption that people thirst for the ability to use their phones to visualize the new Audi in their driveway.

Razorfish boasts some of the most intelligent people I have had the pleasure of meeting, listening to, and reading  in our industry. And yes, it is our job in the end to sell more products from brands to people. But statements like these show just how far separated our industry leadership is from actually leading.

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