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The Art of Buying

Posted by Tony Zambito on May 6th, 2013 at 1:16 pm

Galvanized by Art (Photo credit: cobalt123)
The quest to uncover how and why people and businesses engage in the act of buying is becoming an endurance race.  Spurred on by increasing social technologies advances.  The result is many organizations, whether academia or business, have focused on the science of buying.  What we may be losing is critical understanding of the art of buying.
What we are witnessing in the new digital age is the old rules of near total dependency on understanding processes and rules associated with buying is no longer the sole winning ticket.  Buying processes and rules have been dissected and analyzed many times over throughout the past few decades.  We clung to the belief of knowing the how will lead us to systematic knowledge of how to close more business with buyers.   The problem marketing and selling organizations face today is the how – processes and rules – are not as easily defined or structured as in the past.  Social technologies have made it possible for new networks and collaboration amongst buyers – causing plenty of flex in processes and rules.
The Why of Buying
If the science of buying has focused on the how of buying, the art of... Read more

Measuring Online Display Advertising

Posted by Leslie Van Zee on February 6th, 2013 at 1:33 pm

As online display advertising becomes more popular with small business, measuring campaign success becomes more challenging. It would be easier if click-through-rates told all that is needed to know about how well display ads work. But clicks aren't really what matter most. Display advertising is underestimated as a means of brand-building. Therefore, many advertisers don't end up using the correct measurement techniques to keep track of the effects of their brand awareness.

Never the Twain Shall Meet: Qualitative v. Quantitative Analytics

Posted by Andrew Edwards on May 25th, 2011 at 12:19 pm

Most of the time, if you are at an industry seminar and a “panel” is “debating” an issue, you can rest assured that no great drama will pass as you check and recheck your email to see if anything interesting has come in. Most industry panels are exhibitions of cautious meandering such that the panelist gets to tout some pet notion while being careful not to undermine or offend what may be a powerful potential adversary (or just plain friend) at the other end of the dais.
Not so at this week’s Web Analytics Association gabfest at Waltham, Massachusetts when the subject of one panel turned to the relative values of “qualitative” analytics versus “quantitative” analytics.
I should probably translate. “Qualitative” means the study of attitude via panels, surveys and other non-numerical data, the better to understand what is sometimes gratuitously called “the human element”. “Quantitative” means the study of actual behavior via the capture of behavior-caused numerical data from web site servers and the log files they create without human intervention—the better to understand not attitude, but actions that were in fact taken by a web-site visitor. Both methods are purportedly critical to a marketer’s ability to effectively predict outcomes and... Read more