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Movie Trailers Released Exclusively Via QR Codes

Posted by Rick Mathieson on August 26th, 2011 at 4:08 pm

I'm digging this new movie poster campaign that offers trailers exclusively through QR codes.
It's been a 2D barcode kind of week, with my talk on QR codes on the Blasingame Show/Forbes.com, and parts one and two of my interview with Nicole Skogg, CEO of SpyderLink, on the "social barcodes" in this month's Glamour.
Now, there's this ambitious movie poster campaign from Fox SearchLight for the film Martha Marcy May Marlene, as captured in this YouTube video from Fox.
As a side note, this dark-looking film stars Elizabeth Olsen, the heretofore largely unknown younger sister of Mary-Kate & Ashley (no joke). There's a pretty funky website, too.
What's your take: Too much trouble to scan the posters - or the perfect way to make this print campaign interactive?
Read more about the initiative, here.

Creativing :: The new new agency, sweet QR code designs, and how hotels are using social media rewards

Posted by Doug Schumacher on July 28th, 2011 at 11:31 am

The latest in new media marketing strategy and tactics:
Building the Agency of Now « Threeminds
Love this voice-of-reason POV on the industry.
The Top 10 Marketing Sites For Social Media Marketing Trends | Fast Company
According to a recent survey by Effie and Mashable, 87% of marketers said social media was “important” or “very important” to achieving their biggest marketing goal this year. So we know social is a key marketing activity for many leading brands. So where are marketers getting their social media information? From this survey, it’s not primarily the traditional advertising publishers, although a few of them did make the list.
Report: Amazon To Use Two-Finger Touchscreen To Keep Table Competitive With The iPad | TechCrunch
The battle to grab market share from Apple, be it from the iPad or iPhone, is going to be an interesting story over the next couple of years, and should offer interesting insights into the power of a brand versus a low price competitor.
Milk Campaign Withdrawn Amid Charges of Sexism – NYTimes.com
Perhaps the most interesting comment is the last line. A seasoned ad exec surprised but the uproar speaks to how much has changed since 2005. That rate of change doesn’t happen in other media platforms.
Judge dismisses... Read more

Video: Forget Those Racy Billboards – Calvin Klein's Showing Off Its QR Codes

Posted by Rick Mathieson on July 14th, 2010 at 2:13 am

Even Calvin Klein's trying QR codes on for size.
The fashion retailer - often dinged for racy billboards - has replaced three of its billboards in NYC and Los Angeles with giant QR codes with the headline "Get It Uncensored."
Snap a photo with your smart phone and you get an exclusive, 40-second commercial featuring models that can then be shared with friends via Facebook and Twitter.
Clearly this is a test - I'm not sure a standard-issue commercial is that compelling as a response deliverable to a QR code - TV can do that. But it points to some exciting possibilities for CK.
Indeed, in my new book, THE ON-DEMAND BRAND, I look at highly interactive experiences that brands like Coca-Cola, Domino's and others are enabling through QR codes and other forms of 2D barcodes.
Still, Calvin Klein may just put them in fashion with a whole new wave of innovative brands.
Read more about CK's billboard QR codes here.