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Five Email Apps to Spice Up Your Email

Posted by James Trumbly on May 24th, 2012 at 11:00 am

Today’s consumers have moved beyond being impressed with social media marketing efforts. Nowadays, it’s not impressive; it’s expected. But that’s old news for most marketers. If you don’t have a solid social media strategy in place, you’re a step behind. For those of you that do, the next step is integrating the various aspects of your marketing approach so that they work together.
Far from being competitors in the marketplace, email marketing and social media should be viewed as allies in your broader marketing approach. To accomplish that goal, start by integrating some of these popular email apps:
This is a broad category that includes sharing buttons for a variety of popular networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, and more. Create a copy of your email to share with your social media contacts with the click of a button.
Even if you don’t include a variety of social sharing buttons, you’ll want to at least make it possible for your subscribers to share your email content on their Facebook pages. Include a share/like button and recruit your loyal followers to help spread your message among their friends.
Share your latest status updates, encourage follows and Circles, and keep your subscribers informed about your Google+... Read more

Cool use of a QR code

Posted by Jennifer Okula on April 2nd, 2012 at 9:10 am

I recently saw this really unique use of a QR code on a limited edition beer from Magic Hat (Magic Hat +-). The QR code is camouflaged in the the design of the bottle label and led to a mobile website where consumers could leave comments about what they thought of the beer:

I like that Magic Hat gave mobile engagement a try here. Their younger audience definitely might have a higher likelihood to know what a QR code is and have a smartphone to use it. However, not everyone would recognize it especially hidden in the label.  The fans of the brand that did engage seemed willing to give their glowing opinions of the beer.
Although there is some debate about whether QR codes are just a fad, I like the fact that companies and brands are experimenting with it and even having fun with it. It would be all too easy to put a website url on a beer bottle label.  Consumers would more likely have their phones within reach and scan the code than go to a computer to visit the site.
We need more creative applications of mobile interaction and I'm glad I happened to see this one!

Q&A: Rachel Pasqua, Organic's New Exec Dir of Mobile Marketing (Pt 2) – On Shazam, QR Codes & The Super Bowl

Posted by Rick Mathieson on February 22nd, 2012 at 5:51 pm

For the record, Rachel Pasqua, Organic's new executive director of mobile marketing, thinks the QR code is like cilantro: You either love it or hate it.
You'll hear more pronouncements like that, presumably, in the upcoming book Mobile Marketing in One Hour A Day (Wiley) that Pasqua is writing with eMarketer analyst Noah Elkin (listen here as Elkin interviews me about QR code best practices for a recent analyst report).
In part two of my interview with Pasqua, we begin a discussion about this month's Super Bowl advertising and mobile's varied role as an activation or response mechanism - starting with audio activation ala Shazam and yes, more about cilantro.
Click Here to Listen to: Q&A: Rachel Pasqua (Pt 2)

Q&A: Rachel Pasqua, Organic's New Exec Dir of Mobile Marketing (Pt 1)

Posted by Rick Mathieson on February 21st, 2012 at 8:43 pm

On the heels of its designation as Ad Age's "Comeback Agency of the Year," Organic has hired Rachel Pasqua as its newly-minted executive director of mobile marketing.
In part one of my recent conversation with Pasqua, we get a sense of mobile's role in the post-modern marketing firm, and how it will help Organic stay on top of its game (full disclosure: Organic Chief Creative Officer Conor Brady wrote a rave review and cover blurb for my latest book).
In coming days, we'll review mobile's role in this month's Super Bowl advertising - and what it all could mean for mobile integration moving forward.
Q&A: Rachel Pasqua, Exec Dir, Mobile Marketing, Organic (Pt 1)</a

The Great Super Bowl Mobile Marketing Experiment

Posted by Bob Bentz on February 6th, 2012 at 9:22 am

If you were watching Super Bowl 46 (I refuse to use Roman numerals that nobody understands), you know that all of the action was not on the field. That includes the riveting halftime performance by Madonna who showed that at age 53, she's still smoking hot and a great athlete. Just in case you were one of the 157 people that missed the Madonna halftime show during Super Bowl 46, here it is.
Best Buy's advertisement was interesting and showed that it was carrier agnostic and that Best Buy was a great place to shop for the best mobile phone plan for your particular needs.
Watch the Best Buy commercial that shows the inventor of the text message here.
There also was an enormous amount of action, mobile marketing action that is, during the commercials, proving that mobile marketing has now made it to television's biggest event and in a big way.
One of the biggest advertisers this year was Chevy, which has a big television ad campaign and advertisements across other mediums. It is also running a competition through its special Super Bowl iPhone and Android apps, where users who take the trivia quiz in the app can win up to... Read more