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An emerging platform on an emerging platform

Posted by Jennifer Okula on June 19th, 2012 at 8:16 am

On a recent business trip in Detroit, a last minute meeting cancellation gave me the opportunity to visit the Henry Ford Museum. One of the exhibits I enjoyed was the "Driving America" exhibit which showcased the influence of the automobile on American culture. I was most impressed with these interactive touch-screen displays they had. These large touch-screen monitors offered images, video, and content beyond what was on display at the museum. They gave visitors the opportunity to create and save custom content that they could later access via computer or smartphone after leaving the museum.

Shown in the photo I snapped from my phone, you can see me interacting with the content by swiping, zooming, and moving things on the display. I was delighted to see that the museum brought this digital platform into the overall experience.  What was more amazing to me was the use of a QR code to access and save the content that I was looking at on my smartphone. Talk about an emerging platforms on top of emerging platforms! I did see other visitors, both young and old, playing around with the touch-screen displays. I think they were intuitive enough for anyone to navigate.  However, I definitely wonder how... Read more

Ben Franklin Loves Beer

Posted by Bob Bentz on April 16th, 2012 at 11:28 am

Anybody who has ever visited Philadelphia knows that its residents take sports very seriously.  In a city known for “brotherly love,” its fans are anything but and are not afraid to show their passionate support for their home team and their disdain for their opponents.
Philly Sports Live is an upstart website that reports on the beloved Phillies, Flyers, Sixers, and Eagles.  It also covers other teams in Philadelphia such as the Philadelphia Union and the college sports programs at Temple and Villanova.
But, despite outstanding journalism, finding an online audience in a city that boasts two sports talk radio stations, a very popular digital newspaper, and a bevy of prominent blog sites has not been an easy task.
So, Philly Sports Live took to the streets to find Philly sports fans.  And, there was no place better to find them than this weekend in South Philly with the Phillies hosting the hated Mets and the Flyers pummeling the cross-state rival Penguins in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.
“We decided that the best way to become known was through guerilla marketing at Pattison and Broad,” said Frank Mazza, publisher of Philly Sports Live.  “We wanted to offer something hip, something cool,... Read more

The Shocking Truth About QR Code Use

Posted by Bob Bentz on March 19th, 2012 at 7:27 am

The use of the QR Code increased by 6 times in 2011 and with increased smartphone penetration for 2012, it shows no signs of retreating.
If 2010 was the year of mobile, then 2011 was the year of the QR Code. The percent of print ads containing QR Codes showed growth from below 1% of all print ads in January 2011 to in excess of 6% of all advertising in December 2011.

While a variety of 2D barcodes were used in the print advertisements, the vast majority (87.8%) of those utilized in print were QR Codes. The Microsoft tag, a multi-colored tag using triangular shapes, was second most popular with 10.2%. The JagTag, DataMatrix Code, SnapTag, and EZ Code made up just over 1% of the use in print advertisements.
Businesses of all types are utilizing 2D barcode technology, although retailers lead with 21.9% of the overall use of bar codes. It would make sense that technology is the second most used category since those scanning bar codes are likely more tech savvy than the average person. Interestingly, automotive was just the seventh top category of use of 2D barcodes.

For 2D barcodes to continue growing, it is important... Read more

SHARK ATTACK: Camden Riversharks Use Mobile Marketing to Sell More Tickets

Posted by Bob Bentz on February 27th, 2012 at 8:55 am

The Camden Riversharks are using mobile marketing including a mobile website, text message marketing, and a custom QR Code to sell more tickets and to promote the Atlantic League All-Star Game that will be played at Campbell's Field this season. In fact, its Custom QR Code, developed by Advanced Telecom Services, was named one of the 23 Coolest QR Codes by CNN Money magazine.

Camden Riversharks Opening Day 2012
We were able to create the mobile website for 85% less than it would have cost us to do an app.

Camden, New Jersey --
The Camden Riversharks are stepping up to the plate and going mobile in 2012.
Mobile marketing that is.
And, the Riversharks have come out swinging even before the season has started while just in the rookie year of its mobile marketing plans. Its custom QR Code, complete with the Riversharks logo injected in it, was a real hit. It was named by CNN and Money magazine as one of its 23 Coolest QR Codes Custom QR Code.
“It was a great honor to have our QR Code recognized by CNN,” said Kristin Segers, Marketing Manager for the Riversharks. “We’ve already... Read more

All I Want for Christmas is a QR Code

Posted by Bob Bentz on December 16th, 2011 at 10:01 am

Every year, the Mazza family of Philadelphia seems to out-do their neighbors when it comes to Christmas decorations.  And, out-do their selves from the year before.
“Each year, I add something different,” said Frank Mazza Sr. who has been decorating his South Philly home near the stadium complex since 1989.  “A few years back I had ice sculptures of Santa and his reindeer.  Last year, I had 3 inches of snow sprayed around my entire house.”
Over the past 22 years, Mazza has tried just about everything imaginable when it comes to Christmas decorations.   With each new holiday season, it has become increasingly difficult to top the year before.
“So, this year I wanted to go with something that would really bring attention.”
Mazza was Christmas shopping when he kept seeing QR Codes at the stores at the mall.  That’s when he came up with the idea of using a QR Code as part of his holiday decorations.  I guess you could say all he wanted for Christmas was a QR Code.
“When he first mentioned it to me, I had no clue what a QR Code was,” said wife Laurie Mazza who puts up with her husband’s slightly over-board hobby and the corresponding electric... Read more