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QR Codes Drive Social and Local Marketing

Posted by Mike Gingerich on November 25th, 2012 at 7:00 pm

Use QR Codes In Store To Increase Online Marketing
QR Codes.  What are they and how could they help your business?
The term “QR” is shorthand for Quick Response.  So a QR code is technically a “quick response code” and it is a two-dimensional barcode.  Somewhat similar to a UPC barcode you might see on a product in a store, it is an image consisting of squares arranged in a pattern on a white background.  First used by automaker Toyota in the mid 90’s, QR Codes have since become more widely used across a broad range of industries and even more so with the continuing growth in use of Smart Phones.  Many Smart Phone app stores, including the Apple App Store and Android store, offer free QR Code reader apps that a mobile user can download and have on their phone.  Then, when a person walks by a store and sees a QR code, they can scan and be taken to the Facebook Page or website of that business.
As holiday shopping moves into high gear, having a QR Code in your store window or at key locations in store can enable a business to further connect with a customer in an ongoing... Read more

The QR Code Quandry

Posted by Daniel Flamberg on November 17th, 2010 at 2:32 am

There seems to be a flurry of QR code use. The 2D barcodes, originally developed in Japan in 1994, are showing up in print ads, on billboards, on vehicles, on packaging and in TV spots for a variety of brands. Are they the next cool thing or are they a useless?
The mechanics of QR code use are rudimentary in the United States. Hardly anybody knows what they are. There are no statistics on penetration and the biggest guess is 5 percent. Most phones aren’t factory-equipped with readers. But there are many readers using all kinds of technical standards, most incompatible with each other.
Usefulness and customer experience is a direct function of user dexterity, phone hardware and software settings, network bandwidth and settings and sheer dumb luck. My own experiences have been frustrating and dismal except for the plain vanilla video I eventually got to work.
Proponents argue that QR codes offer the real estate and interactivity that print, outdoor, wearable’s and other media lack. They cite the potential for QR codes to deliver hyperlinks, photos, video, games, coupons, audio, payments and entertainment. Among the suggested uses for the codes are:

Enhanced business cards
Shelf ... Read more