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2014 Marketing Predictions

Posted by Kent Lewis on December 12th, 2013 at 3:56 pm

As another year comes to a close, the Anvil Media team got out its crystal ball and looked into the future to make our annual marketing predictions. It is a practice we’ve done for nine years now and one we’ve definitely come adept at.

What Does 2012 Have in Store for Marketers?

Posted by Pam Horan on January 25th, 2012 at 5:35 pm

This post is also available on OPA's blog.
The online publishing market has evolved rapidly over the last 5+ years taking the world of marketing with it. We now have a set of tools and digital platforms at our disposal—from HTML5 to various social networks—that would make the guys from Mad Men choke on their martinis. 2012 will be no exception. What will shape the industry in 2012? Here are some critical tips to help marketers deliver meaningful brand experiences in the coming year:
Touch Points – Connected with Consumers Across All Devices: One of the biggest opportunities for marketers in 2012 is to surround the consumer with a consistent brand experiences across platforms—a concept that has demonstrated a multiplier effect. As a recent study from Nielsen/CBS Television City found, participants exposed to ads on multiple screens, had a 24% increase in brand awareness—jumping from 50% to 74%. Each experience should be unified to reinforce the brand story, but tailored to the medium to make the most of the channel’s strengths.
Creative Renaissance – Delivering Online Brand Experiences: Online is a terrific place for marketers to deliver strong brand stories rather than simply leveraging the platform for direct marketing. For example, in a... Read more

11 Ad Predictions for 2011

Posted by Hooman Radfar on December 27th, 2010 at 7:00 am

1. Data is the New Black

2010 was the year of real-time bidding.  As spend shifted from networks to real-time bidding platforms, agencies and advertisers explored the use of data to improve audience-buying.  In 2011, this interest will give way to large scale investment.   This increased investment will fuel the shift to Data 2.0 predicted by Gil Beyda along with continued infrastructure innovation in the growing data management space.
2. Math Men vs. Mad Men Round II - Creative Goes Geek

Just as they’re quickly changing the face of media buying with their data-driven approach, the Math Men will also begin to rock the creative world.  Not only will agencies and advertisers leverage data to deliver more effective dynamic display programs, but they will also use data and analytics to drive the design, execution, and iterative design of creative across their web and mobile applications.
3. Trading Desks Take Flight

In 2010, holding company trading desks like MIG, Vivaki, Cadreon, and Accuen partnered with DSPs, Data Providers, Exchanges, and other vendors to create the capability to execute massive campaigns using real-time bidding platforms.  In 2011, this investment will pay off.  Budgets managed by trading desks will increase by 2-3X, as their total spend managed skyrockets... Read more

The Second Half of 2010 — Looking Into a "Simplified" Crystal Ball

Posted by Michael Sprouse on June 23rd, 2010 at 2:00 pm

Earlier this year, I made predictions about key trends we were likely to see in 2010 in the world of interactive marketing. Now that we're at the halfway mark of the year, let's look back and see what has happened (a lot has!) and what might be in store for the second half of the year.
What Epic Media Group predicted in January 2010:

Industry Consolidation – This has begun to happen. Across the pond, LBI and BigMouthMedia combined. In the U.S., Epic Advertising and Connexus merged along with a few other small digital marketing services companies who were acquired recently. Google purchased Invite Media. In addition, there was a flurry of activity in the mobile marketing space--more on that below.
Flight to “Performance” and Campaign Measurability – As predicted, the gap between revenues coming from performance-based pricing and CPM-based pricing widened. By the end of 2009 and into 2010, the IAB reported that 59% of revenues came from performance-based, versus 37% from CPM (up from a 58%/38% split the first half of 2009).
Social Media – Not much needs to be said about the rise and popularity of social media, and the intense interest by advertisers in social media solutions. Social media is... Read more

Cutting out the middleman in music marketing

Posted by Jodi Harris on June 11th, 2010 at 12:54 pm

A few years back, I was having a conversation with a top digital marketing consultant about the music industry. We were discussing what a challenge it was becoming for musicians to make a living from their craft -- particularly for emerging artists struggling for ear-share among the Idols and ex-Mouseketeers. At the time, the RIAA was cracking down on music sharing sites (and their users) left and right. Albums were leaking online -- and not on purpose. And music labels, struggling to stay afloat, were starting to offer less "filthy lucre" and more controlling contracts. Somehow, in the new Age of the iPod, music seemed to be the only segment where digital wasn't opening up golden opportunities for content owners and creators.
At the time, my solution was that brands, particularly the biggies like Pepsi, Red Bull, Doritos, and Vans, should start "signing" artists themselves, rather than dealing with the hefty fees and legal red tape involved in working with the labels -- not to mention the difficulties in finding a band that is interested in becoming part of the corporate machine and risking the loss of street cred.
Ideally, a direct deal with musicians could give brands exclusive access to part... Read more