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The Rise of the Second Screen

Posted by Neil Spencer on November 12th, 2012 at 2:48 pm

Where will the reach of the Internet invade next? Those of us who love our television programs are increasingly watching them with our mobile devices in hand. We use them to find our information related to things we've seen, and connect on our favorite social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
Shows like AMCs The Walking Dead really play things up in the social sphere, asking fans to create or comment on different hashtags for each episode, then discussing them on the air. This extra interaction is often happening during the advertisements, and the "second screen" trend is changing the way people view TV in surprising ways. See more about TV going social in the below infographic from Confused.com.

We’re Going Mobile: Can You Hear Me Now?

Posted by Jonathan Gardner on February 21st, 2012 at 8:26 am

There’s no question that our transformation to a mobile society is already underway. Broader adoption and better integration of mobile technologies will permanently alter the ways we interact with our customers and with each other.

Interview: AKQA CEO Tom Bedecarré (Pt. 1) – Building The Agency of Tomorrow, Today

Posted by Rick Mathieson on August 31st, 2010 at 2:29 am

Tom Bedecarré is succeeding like few others in creating the ad agency of tomorrow, today.
In just the last few days, his global firm, AKQA, launched the new campaign for "Halo: Reach," which includes everything from a dark, engrossing online video series set in the video game's universe, to a robot that is enables fans to help select the position of 54,439 points of light for a new social media-enabled light sculpture.
And Friday morning, AKQA launched the latest in a long line of innovative digital & mobile initiatives for Target.
Dubbed My TargetWeekly, the solution will enable shoppers to customize Target's weekly ad to best fit their interests, and to even create alerts, which will send them the latest offers on their favorite brands and items via PC and mobile phone. The idea: to target, as it were, the smaller number of hard-to-reach, digitally savvy shoppers - who tend to spend more than others. They can even share their shopping experience via Facebook.
"Target is doing what smart retailers have to do: Go to where the customers are," Rebecca Lieb, vice president, North America at the research firm Econsultancy, tells USA Today. "You have to engage people on their own terms."
That may as... Read more

Google Voice emerges as the catch-all communications platform

Posted by Matt Kapko on March 12th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Google has been killing some of it underperforming projects of late, but yesterday brought a much-welcomed surprised.
The search giant took the dust and cobwebs off GrandCentral, a service it bought for about $50 million in July 2007 that's been in stealth mode ever since, and re-launched it as Google Voice.
The service is a godsend for anyone who constantly juggles multiple phones (and numbers), SMS inboxes, and voicemail. Carrying the slogan "one number for life," Google Voice puts together a string of VoIP-related services that are currently available at numerous startups, but few, if any, are as comprehensive as this, as Om Malik points out in a glowing endorsement.
The free service assigns users a number that can be used as their catch-all for voice, text, and voicemail. SMS messages can be sent, received, and forwarded to whatever wireless phone you might be using at the time. Phone calls can be made online or via your mobile or landline phone if you still have one of those. And voicemail transcripts are available on Google Voice's clean website that Om compares to Gmail or they can be sent to your email account. Conference calls can also be initiated by dragging phone... Read more