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Let Big Data Protect Your Brand in Emerging Markets

Posted by Francine Hardaway on February 7th, 2013 at 9:18 am

Most global brands want data to take into non-data rich markets like Asia,  because they know those markets will be the fast developing markets in 2013.   Typically, emerging markets lag behind US markets when it comes to audience-based data.
Any brand that can move into these developing markets early will benefit from a first-mover opportunity to market to what will arguably be the biggest online consumer market. But we've all heard the stories about brands entering a new market with very little understanding of cultural norms; they end up being slapped by the law of unintended consequences.
Those consequences can be far from hilarious, like Chevy’s oft-cited data-free decision to bring its Nova brand to Spanish-speaking countries, where “no va” means “no go.” Now imagine bringing the complexity and speed of programmatic media buying, where decisions on where to place an ad  are made in milliseconds; missteps here are downright dangerous to the brand's credibility and future ability to establish trust in a new market.
Proximic, a Palo Alto-based data analysis company, has pioneered a fundamentally different approach to analyzing pages that is getting noticed by global brands looking for something adaptable to their needs. Proximic calls this Pattern Proximity, and... Read more