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Brand Approach to Social Media: Where’s the Party?

Posted by Virginie Glaenzer on January 7th, 2013 at 10:15 am

As brands have rushed toward social media and now attempt to evaluate what it’s doing for their businesses, we’re all very interested in how it’s going. What are we getting out of it? Who’s doing it best? What are they doing that makes it better?
We’ve always thought of social as a gathering of people — a party that the brand throws for its customers. Sometimes brand execution matches that metaphor, and sometimes it’s really more like plain old advertising or promotional campaigns. The question is, how do people react to what brands put out there, and what do they do about it.
We’ve all been to that party that never took off. Maybe you attend a gathering where you don’t really know the hosts very well, but you feel flattered to be asked; you have high expectations. At least you have some expectations that motivate you to go; maybe other guests you expect to meet, or some announcement or special event in the offing.
But when you get there, no one seems to be in charge. Every now and then someone makes an announcement about where you can find the refreshments, but no one actually speaks to you, welcomes you, or... Read more