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Effectively Assessing Your Affiliates

Posted by Dush Ramachandran on October 26th, 2012 at 1:07 pm

In the world of business, it’s necessary to be discerning about your company’s public image. When it comes to your marketing affiliates, it’s important that you’re familiar with how they operate. Whether your affiliates send out mass emails, or your company is shown as merely a link on their websites, affiliations still represent an extension of your business – and, therefore, your image. To get the most out of such a partnership, it’s worthwhile to take the time to discover how your affiliates are running their businesses.
Getting to Know You
A general rule of thumb regarding affiliates: the more traffic and sales they send your way, the more you should know about them. You need to find out the source of their traffic and the methods they use to promote your products.
Companies employ a number of techniques to audit their affiliates. The simplest, most effective way to size up your affiliates (and their promotional methods) is to take a look at their websites, or any other means they might use to promote your products. For example, an affiliate who garners most of his traffic from dating sites is probably not a good match if you want to promote a financial services... Read more

Publishers Forging Key Partnerships to Bolster Tablet Products

Posted by Pam Horan on February 23rd, 2012 at 9:17 am

In 2011, the world witnessed the iPad become one of the year’s most popular gift items. Now that more affordable tablets - such as the new Kindle Fire – are coming to the market, it’s no surprise that a recent study by the Pew Research Center found that tablet and E-reader ownership has nearly doubled in the U.S. over the holiday gift-giving period. As the surge in tablet use continues to grow, some publishers are looking to leverage the popularity of tablets through strategic partnerships.
Two examples point to the trend of publisher/tablet maker partnerships. MediaPost reported that Barnes & Noble joined forces with The New York Times to offer consumers who buy a digital subscription of the newspaper on a Nook $100 off of a Nook Simple Touch or Nook Color tablet. AdAge reported a slightly different model, with the announcement that News Corp’s The Daily app will now be available on certain Verizon-marketed devices. Consumers that already own a Galaxy Tab will have access to The Daily app through a software update. Both approaches aim to incentivize tablet purchase and increase app usage.
Since tablet maker/publisher partnerships are relatively new, we will have to wait and see how this seemingly... Read more

The DNA of Agency & Client Partnerships

Posted by Steve Parker, Jr. on February 8th, 2011 at 8:19 pm

Lesson:  If you use the word ‘but,’ you are focused on the negative.
Last week I got a call from a friend and digital industry veteran with a question:
“Steve, what makes for a partnership?”
The voice of Samuel L. Jackson a la Pulp Fiction reverberated in my brain, “Check out the big brains on Brad - good solid question.” Not one I get asked often, or ever as far as I can recall hence the Samuel L. Jackson moment.  So I proceeded to explain to him what I thought created a true partnership.
To put this in better context, it was my friend Josh Dreller of Fuor Digital (and recent contributor to iMedia with his piece, "Tips for a lasting and profitable digital partnership") who asked said question.  He wanted to know what makes for a partnership in business, specifically between an agency and a client or an agency and a publisher, where you feel like “partners” and not just another “vendor.”
For the record.

Let me begin by stating that partnerships are not, and should not, be measured by who spends the most money, who is the nicest to you or who sends you the best swag.  This creates a relationship based... Read more