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Adding Paid Media to Earned and Owned for Unpredictable Breaking News

Posted by John Mracek on June 11th, 2013 at 9:00 am

In today's world of non-stop reportage, social journalism, and grab-and-go newsfeeds, brands need to respond to breaking news quickly. Financial firms likely have a vested interest in an economy threatening to fall off a cliff, while a home furnishings company may want a voice around sudden news of housing-market improvements. Traditionally, this type of responsiveness has been the domain of brands’ owned and earned media channels to get a message out quickly.
But the rise in real-time ad buying has created a new opportunity for brands to own their destiny in the face of unpredictable news and events. As a result, there are now paid-media opportunities to add to your marketing arsenal.
For example, let’s say you lead an airline brand and a competitor is under fire for repeated mechanical issues and associated delays. This provides the perfect opportunity to proactively message your own carrier’s investment in the newest fleet of planes, or highlight a positive track-record of on-time arrivals as a counterpoint to your competitor’s negative press. Or, should a massive heatwave suddenly hit the headlines, it’s a natural fit if you market sunscreen, air conditioners or convertibles. There are endless examples of cases in which a brand could benefit from... Read more

The PAP Strategy to Black Friday Week Success

Posted by Jason Tabeling on December 18th, 2012 at 7:11 am

The retail holiday season is already in full swing. For many retailers the true indicator of how the season will go starts on Thanksgiving, and Black Friday results come in. The retail research firm ShopperTrak estimated that shoppers spent $11.2 billion at physical stores on Black Friday this year, which represented a 1.8% decline from Black Friday 2011. Still, 90%+ of our clients exceeded their projections for those critical days, which signals that the 2012 holiday season should be a strong one for many retailers. As I was reflecting on how we were able to influence results it really came down to 3 things; Preparation, Agility, and People; The PAP Strategy. These 3 key elements drove the success of the season, and I’m confident that no matter what the external factors are that these 3 factors drive the success or failure of any brand, or agencies during the season.

Meet Your Next-Generation Media Planner: The Audience Architect — Paid, Owned & Earned, Part Four

Posted by Dave Marsey on November 8th, 2011 at 10:49 am

The promise of Paid, Owned & Earned is that we reduce the paid media budget through the earned reach generated by programming owned. Not only do we deliver the same reach if we had used 100% paid, the earned reach is arguably more valuable. The result is being able to do more with the same overall marketing budget. More mobile, more retention-based marketing, more promotion, more social good, etc.
To live up to the promise, we need to cut through the “hot air” as I declared when I started this series and remake our media planning profession.
We’ve talked about planning and the importance of interest-based insights and how they lead to creative ideas with engagement at the core. The Real Women of Philadelphia is a great case study.

We looked at the science of content influence and sharability in order to assign a value and project earned reach. This drives the  content strategy.

And most recently I showed the importance of thinking like a network executive when programming owned.
To complete the Four Part series, I end on how to organize talent based on the principles of insights, content strategy, programming, and distribution (includes paid media).
Organizing for Paid, Owned & Earned
The real-time nature... Read more

Program Owned Media Like a TV Exec: Part Three of Paid, Owned, & Earned

Posted by Dave Marsey on September 30th, 2011 at 11:29 am

The dog days of summer are over: school is back in session, wearing white is no longer an option and primetime kicked-off last week. And now Paid, Owned, & Earned Hot Air is back in session!
As a quick refresher, I set out to cut through the hot air with Paid, Owned, & Earned Media and define how to build a sustainable way to plan.
There are four components to generating Earned Media:

Planning (covered in Part One)
Allocation (covered in Part Two)

This week, Part Three – Distribution – explores how to put content in front of our audience in order to drive the type of engagement that results in sharing. As we know, sharing drives Earned Media.
Who, Where, and What
The first part of Distribution depends on knowing the who, where, and what:

Know who among target audience is most influential and drives others to share. There are three types of audiences:

Igniters: Influential creators on an individual topic or category with an engaged following. Approximately 1% of audiences.
Sharers: Sharers enjoy Liking and Tweeting content for their friends and family to see. It could be content that an Igniter puts out, news source, brand, other consumer, etc. Approximately 9% of audiences.
Watchers:... Read more

Creativing :: An iTunes album sales record, the value of social media sponsorships, and timing ads on Facebook

Posted by Doug Schumacher on September 8th, 2011 at 7:41 am

10 links that point to the future of marketing:
DIGIDAY:DAILY – Twitter Button Can Increase Site Traffic
Some simple proof that all those “Tweet this” and “Share that” buttons are working. Not surprising, just proof.
When Bloggers Don’t Follow the Script, to ConAgra’s Chagrin – NYTimes.com
There’s an interesting footnote in this article about how so many bloggers see their role as truth-seeking journalists, which would definitely make their POV quite different from the average consumer.
Lil Wayne Sets iTunes Sales Record
Remarkable sales for Lil Wayne’s latest album. Most impressive is that the deluxe edition — $4 more than the standard addition — accounted for 95% of digital sales (and 70% of online sales).
Applebee’s Worker Must Choose: Job or Posting to Facebook – KSFO 560
What’s interesting here is how the individual comes of as the rational thinker. While social media policies at companies are needed, companies need to be active in this discussion. Otherwise, it’s looks like they’re simply afraid of social media.
Amazon Testing 7-Eleven Package Pickup Lockers
Very interesting potential partnership between Amazon and 7 eleven. Amazon is apparently trying to either solve a problem regarding delivery expense, or looking for partners to expand it’s physical... Read more