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Meet Your Next-Generation Media Planner: The Audience Architect — Paid, Owned & Earned, Part Four

Posted by Dave Marsey on November 8th, 2011 at 10:49 am

The promise of Paid, Owned & Earned is that we reduce the paid media budget through the earned reach generated by programming owned. Not only do we deliver the same reach if we had used 100% paid, the earned reach is arguably more valuable. The result is being able to do more with the same overall marketing budget. More mobile, more retention-based marketing, more promotion, more social good, etc.
To live up to the promise, we need to cut through the “hot air” as I declared when I started this series and remake our media planning profession.
We’ve talked about planning and the importance of interest-based insights and how they lead to creative ideas with engagement at the core. The Real Women of Philadelphia is a great case study.

We looked at the science of content influence and sharability in order to assign a value and project earned reach. This drives the  content strategy.

And most recently I showed the importance of thinking like a network executive when programming owned.
To complete the Four Part series, I end on how to organize talent based on the principles of insights, content strategy, programming, and distribution (includes paid media).
Organizing for Paid, Owned & Earned
The real-time nature... Read more

Program Owned Media Like a TV Exec: Part Three of Paid, Owned, & Earned

Posted by Dave Marsey on September 30th, 2011 at 11:29 am

The dog days of summer are over: school is back in session, wearing white is no longer an option and primetime kicked-off last week. And now Paid, Owned, & Earned Hot Air is back in session!
As a quick refresher, I set out to cut through the hot air with Paid, Owned, & Earned Media and define how to build a sustainable way to plan.
There are four components to generating Earned Media:

Planning (covered in Part One)
Allocation (covered in Part Two)

This week, Part Three – Distribution – explores how to put content in front of our audience in order to drive the type of engagement that results in sharing. As we know, sharing drives Earned Media.
Who, Where, and What
The first part of Distribution depends on knowing the who, where, and what:

Know who among target audience is most influential and drives others to share. There are three types of audiences:

Igniters: Influential creators on an individual topic or category with an engaged following. Approximately 1% of audiences.
Sharers: Sharers enjoy Liking and Tweeting content for their friends and family to see. It could be content that an Igniter puts out, news source, brand, other consumer, etc. Approximately 9% of audiences.
Watchers:... Read more

Paid, Owned & Earned Hot Air, Part Two: The Art & Science of Owned Media Allocation

Posted by Dave Marsey on August 4th, 2011 at 7:26 am

Thanks for the positive feedback to Enough with the Paid, Owned & Earned Hot Air! Let’s Really Figure This Out. As a reminder, here’s how we define Earned Media:
Earned Media is simply an outcome of consumer sharing. If sharing is the driver of Earned Media, what drives sharing? Engagement with compelling content drives sharing.

And there are four components to generating Earned Media:

Planning (covered in Part One)

This week in Part Two we’ll focus on figuring out a budget allocation model for Owned Media. The promise – and a big part of the hot air – is that we can reduce Paid Media budgets over time as a result of Earned Media. I would argue that any decline on the Paid side should be reinvested on the Owned side. Since content is what we use to make the owned channels engaging (recall that engagement drives sharing and sharing generates Earned Media), investing in the Owned side is investing in content creation.
Science Drives Owned Media Allocation
The challenge is to provide a logical, scientific way to allocate dollars to Owned. The science for Paid is age old, tried and true: it’s based on an action (impression served or click) and value of that... Read more

Orchestrating Your Brand Strategy Thru Social Media

Posted by Daniel Flamberg on December 17th, 2009 at 12:00 am

An effective social media strategy is a direct extension of a brand strategy executed artfully in new channels. The brand posture, positioning and personality should guide the development and deployment of social media assets and attitudes so that the brand speaks with a single voice across media consistently engages customers, prospects, media, investors or other constituent audiences. The forums are new; the basic marketing approach is not.
Alona Elkayam says that "social media has an enormous impact on brand equity" and argues that brands should "maintain a coherent brand position that unites your website, your Twitter feeds, your Facebook presence and each campaign you run." She cautions brand managers to "make sure that the social media component maintains and is an ambassador of the corporate position."
Forrester calls this idea "owned" media and argues that a skillful understanding of the properties of distinct social media orchestrated or leveraged effectively in service to brand objectives will yield customer engagement, consistent messaging, brand portability and possibly a boat load of "earned" or free and viral media pass-along. Imagine that rather than concentrating your web presence in a single web site you distribute the messaging using satellite sites and by syndicating content to present your... Read more