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OPA under fire! Ad performance study, format push criticized.

Posted by Mario Sgambelluri on August 20th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Last week, the OPA dropped a grenade on ad networks in the form of a report called "Improving Ad Performance Online." This week, one ad network (Burst Media) is fighting back with an op-ed at AdAge. According to Burst's CEO, Jarvis Coffin, "the [OPA's] findings make the Internet the biggest, dumbest waste of space on earth."
The OPA/Dynamic Logic report, which prompted headlines like "Ad Networks Nearly Useless for Selling Stuff… and Branding" (Editor and Publisher), found "content sites" were nine-times more effective at boosting purchase intent. Content sites were also 50 percent more effective at lifting awareness metrics.
Also at AdAge this week is an article poking holes in the push towards larger ad formats (championed by the OPA in the spring). According to Dynamic Logic research

Is There Nothing Left To Talk About In Online?

Posted by Jay Friedman on June 30th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Last week I dutifully logged onto TweetDeck on the day of the OPA conference, set up a search column for #opa, and waited for the tweets to flow.  I couldn't make the live conference but I knew I could count on my colleagues to share the highlights. The attendees tweeted about two main topics - the value of display for branding purposes and 'the demise of the click' - and were quick to note how 'old news' these topics are.  In fact, the last tweet of the day said, "what a let down, let's get to the networking."  I'm not picking on OPA, because the truth is that I've heard this (or seen it tweeted) from numerous conferences lately.  We're talking about things that are old, rehashed, and not beneficial for those in attendance.  So, is there nothing left to talk about in our industry that is worthy of a conference? Absolutely not.  Here are just a few topics that I personally believe would generate real interest:  

Is Data the New Bubble?  We all saw the network bubble form and now it's starting to decompress.  Data companies (BlueKai, Exelate, etc.) are now popping up faster than can be tested.  Is this the new... Read more

OPA's new ad formats and my awful quote in the L.A. Times

Posted by Adam Kleinberg on March 12th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Yesterday, I was quoted in an article in the Los Angeles Times titled In-your-face Web ad formats popping up all over. The story was on the new "supersize" ad formats launched by the Online Publisher's Association. Reading back my quote almost made my stomach turn:
"A large-scale intrusive format is absolutely necessary in today's market," said Adam Kleinberg, chief executive of Traction, a San Francisco ad agency. "With the economy and the move to digital, the marketers are demanding a return on investment in every campaign."
Not that I was misquoted. I said it. I even meant it. It just sounded evil when I saw it in print.
First, let me state for the record: I'm not evil. (ok, maybe a little evil, but not in this instance). No one wants to be