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Going From Innovative to Irritating

Posted by Jeff Berkwits on October 12th, 2008 at 12:00 am

I’ve been pondering David Carson’s recent blog post on the Nintendo Wii ad for a few days now and, try as I might, I just can’t shake the feeling that – though admittedly fun – it’s only a matter of time before such executions are not only commonplace, but also downright annoying.
Clearly inspired by CCCP’s inventive HEMA department store ad, both are great concepts, playfully toying with customer expectations of the product and the online environment. While frustrated that I can’t easily click through to order the products (for more on the User Interface issues with these ads, check out this insightful Bubble Foundry blog entry), I’m even more scared that, a year or so from now, there’ll be Web pages “collapsing” all over the place.
These ads remind me of the old TV commercials for The Gap with their Matrix-like "bullet-time photography." Amazing in the original creative, effective in a few follow-ups, but after a short time simply grating and passé.
How long does it take for ad experiences like the Wii and HEMA to go from innovative to irritating? Especially in the online arena, I fear not too long at all ...

Best Ad I've Seen All Year

Posted by David Carson on October 1st, 2008 at 12:00 am

Everywhere I look, especially in New York, I see long, panicked faces. The mood is gloomy, and for good reason - the economy sucks. It's hard to see anything good in this economic "fog of war". That's why I thought it would be appropriate to shine a light on something that actually works.
The Nintendo Wii ad for "Wario-Land Shake It" on YouTube is the best ad I've seen all year, in any medium. If you haven't seen it already, click here to see it now (I won't spoil it by explaining it either). And before some of you cynics out there say that it's a rip-off of Animator-vs-Animation get over it - it's a terrific execution that surprises and entertains everyone that sees it. It really sells the game. The creative use of the media is top notch. Kudos to the team behind it!