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Posted by Clyde Desouza on January 7th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Digital Advertising in Nightclubs
Targeted Digital Advertising; the "Why"
Targeted advertising is "in"; mass media advertising is out. We can already see how in-effective mass media advertising is, with the decline in revenues faced by traditional media delivery platforms such as television and print. Even Digital mass media advertising is slowly suffering, with the introduction of built in email spam filters and laws against cold calling and unsolicited SMS coming into force in many countries. It was always a hit and miss affair anyway. The idea that you spam everyone,  and hopefully attract or trap many.
With control of media consumption now in the hands of the consumer, there is a focus on media delivery that places importance on quality over quantity. Just as the shift from traditional to Digital Media by consumers allows them granular control over what they consume, the same advantage can be used to the benefit of the advertiser, tailoring and targeting the brand message to a desired demographic, thereby achieving a higher and measurable success rate, than blindly "broadcasting" a message that never reaches the audience because of automated filtering and end user control.  Targeted Digital Advertising can be applied to segments of society, such as the financially... Read more