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Remember AOL! The Four Rules of Web Success

Posted by Brant Emery on January 2nd, 2013 at 11:03 am

Things go in cycles. We all know that – from the dredging up of retro fashions, the inheritance of music, to the rapid cyclical nature of business; in particular online business. Everything seems to follow the same path.
As all tech believers know, when man invented the web: Saviour of the Geeks, Creator of Unnecessary Job Titles and Deliverer of LOLCats, like the Garden of Eden, at first things went jolly well – we all lived in peace, harmony and believed in universal access, freedom of information, net neutrality, and that when given the choice of publicising the bare truth on Wikipedia, we (from celebrities and companies to politicians and lobbying groups) of course would not seek to alter that... oh yes. Of course, our lovely new Netopia began to change to reflect the true realities of our world – i.e. capitalism.
Yet, even so – the level of change from open platforms, open source, open access mentality of the early days to the competitive, closed, fixed business model trend we now see, surprises me. When AOL (or America Online as it was then) first presented the world with the idea of a digital gated community – it was a unique step.... Read more

TrackSimple and AdHachery debut at iMedia Agency Summit

Posted by David Shor on December 7th, 2009 at 12:00 am

There were quite a few exciting enhancements vendors we're all familiar with rolled out yesterday--Tremor Media describing its six ad formats (innovative!) and Brightroll describing their plans for 2010 (larger aggregation than Hulu volume predicted). DoubleClick brought us up to speed on some new developments at Google Ad Planner, DFA Analytics (which leverage Google Analytics' UI) and DFA updates (great progress but I still hate the almost daily data-delay emails I get).
But it wasn't the big boys who had the agencies at iMedia Agency Summit in Scottsdale ooh-ing and ahh-ing. Two companies we heard presentations from really stood out:

TrackSimple - an analytics-adjunct system for display media buys that tacks onto your existing media platforms. It is a predictive media engine that helps you learn where there are additional opportunities for optimization. For wonks, this is a killer app. Take a look at it because the bar's just been set higher as a result of TrackSimple
Ad Hachery - LinkedIn for media buyers and sellers. A no brainer and "why didn't I think of that!" Ad Hachery short-circuits the time it takes for media vendors to communicate proposals and ideas to too-busy media buyers and will emerge in subsequent versions with mechanisms... Read more