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Naming Conventions Confidential: Cute Folder Names Wreak Havoc

Posted by Lisa Wehr on June 29th, 2011 at 11:51 am

Yes, it can be humorous to come across a corporate folder that’s labeled “Pumpkin” or “Watcha_Want”, but let’s be honest, it’s a pain in the @$$.
I’m not here to vent about lazy labelers, but rather to stress the importance of naming conventions, because they do have an impact on your company. Files which are difficult to find greatly affect productivity, work flow and even the company’s bottom line.
As humans we need order—in the workplace especially. Organization not only means a clean physical desktop, but also a tailored virtual space—one in which is shared by multiple users. Get ready to efficiently manage your electronic records.

It’s all in the name!
Granted a file is not a newborn baby, but you better choose a name that fits. The more specific the better—just by simply including the date can help with titling folders. But be aware of the importance of making sure everyone companywide is consistent with how they date documents. For instance: YYYY_MM_DD, MM_DD_YYYY and MMDDYYYY all read differently. So stress to employees how vital it is to have a coherent way of displaying dates in file names. Another wise idea when titling a document is to optimize for quick searches—display keywords within... Read more