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Report: Facebook Engagement Tactics of Bands

Posted by Doug Schumacher on August 31st, 2011 at 2:16 pm

Bands have some of the highest fan counts of all the Pages on Facebook. This analysis examines differences in what works for bands versus corporations, as well as some similarities.

This report analyzes the Facebook engagement trends for the following bands:

Black Eyed Peas
Green Day
Lady Gaga
Linkin Park
Bob Marley

Yes, we realize Bob Marley's dead. But he lives on, partly through his Facebook page.
Three of the big takeaways for the music industry are:

Bands should be posting more content

Strong correlation between posting volume and engagement level

Weekends are a big opportunity for bands

It's a time when bands can engage with their fans when they're most free to check out new music or buy concert tickets. Bands in this report aren't posting much on Facebook.

Offline events can be used to drive considerable fan growth

When Facebook is THE place to go for information from the band, it encourages fans to Like the page.

You can review or download the entire report here:: http://bit.ly/bands0831
And if you register for Zuum, you'll have free access to the data we've used to crunch this chart. Access will remain open for the next week. You can register for Zuum here:

Cutting out the middleman in music marketing

Posted by Jodi Harris on June 11th, 2010 at 12:54 pm

A few years back, I was having a conversation with a top digital marketing consultant about the music industry. We were discussing what a challenge it was becoming for musicians to make a living from their craft -- particularly for emerging artists struggling for ear-share among the Idols and ex-Mouseketeers. At the time, the RIAA was cracking down on music sharing sites (and their users) left and right. Albums were leaking online -- and not on purpose. And music labels, struggling to stay afloat, were starting to offer less "filthy lucre" and more controlling contracts. Somehow, in the new Age of the iPod, music seemed to be the only segment where digital wasn't opening up golden opportunities for content owners and creators.
At the time, my solution was that brands, particularly the biggies like Pepsi, Red Bull, Doritos, and Vans, should start "signing" artists themselves, rather than dealing with the hefty fees and legal red tape involved in working with the labels -- not to mention the difficulties in finding a band that is interested in becoming part of the corporate machine and risking the loss of street cred.
Ideally, a direct deal with musicians could give brands exclusive access to part... Read more

iMeem on the brink of bankruptcy finds an unlikely savior

Posted by Mario Sgambelluri on May 28th, 2009 at 12:00 am

"Two months ago, iMeem's founder, Dalton Caldwell, was ready to pull the plug," reports the NY Times. iMeem was suffocating in licensing debt to record labels, and advertising revenue (despite an audience of 26 million) "was nowhere close to covering expenses." 
Instead of celebrating, record labels forgave iMeem's debt and "relaxed the terms of their licensing deals with the site." This is a tremendous sign of maturity for the record industry. They need sites like iMeem as a source of revenue (even if it's less than they originally planned) and a channel for promotion.