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Smartphones to play an interesting role for Olympics coverage

Posted by Jennifer Okula on July 26th, 2012 at 12:02 pm

Leading up to this year's summer Olympics, a few different studies have been reporting on intended Olympics coverage by media or device type. Research from Deloitte reports that 15% of US internet users would watch the games on a mobile phone. A study by Velti reports that almost four in 10 people using their smartphones to follow the Olympics will also do so by connecting with others by calling them or via texting. Safecount has conducted some of it's own research among its panel of US internet users. Data reported in this post are among smartphone owners 18-44.
Not surprisingly, although smartphone owners 18-44 plan to follow the games on their mobile phones, 66% of them still plan to follow via live TV and 29% via Tivo/DVR/previously recorded TV. When this same group is asked what their primary source of coverage would be, these figures are 47% and 11% respectively. However, 13% will follow primarily via streaming computer/laptop coverage. And only 2% of these smartphone owners will follow streaming coverage primarily from their phones.
This data is in line with the thinking that fans will be watching from multiple devices. While smartphone owners are watching the Olympics on TV, 24% of... Read more

Why Brands Need to Go Post-Mobile

Posted by Jonathan Gardner on May 7th, 2012 at 7:04 am

Mobile, mobile, mobile. It’s all marketers want to talk about anymore. And with good reason: In light of recent, dramatic behavioral shifts to tablets and smartphones, brands are grasping for ways to reach customers who are spending less time at a desktop or laptop and more time on the go.
But after a teaser video from Google’s Project Glass made the rounds recently, giving a glimpse at life, with the company’s reality-augmenting glasses, it became clear that mobile is just the tip of the wireless iceberg.
The ship is sailing into the unchartered waters toward a post-mobile world where we’ll all be connected, all the time. The boundaries will blur between what is and isn't a device, and with everything mobile, labels like “wired” and “wireless” will become meaningless. Consumers will start looking to technologies and brands to simplify how we engage with the world and information around us.
So how can brands ensure they’re prepared for the changes taking shape before our very eyes? By paying close attention to these five trends that I’m betting will define our collective post-mobile future:

Smart Everything: The reason Google glasses really capture the imagination is that they seem to make the stuff of sci-fi a reality.... Read more

What Consolidation Means for Digital Marketing

Posted by Rob Gatto on September 2nd, 2011 at 9:29 am

With this week's acquisition of EyeWonder by DG, we're starting to hear from advertisers and agencies who are speculating about what it means for the industry. Here's our take.
Consolidation in the industry is a sign that the rich media market has reached maturity and companies are trying to differentiate themselves. DG FastChannel acquired EyeWonder, adding it to earlier acquisitions of MediaMind and Unicast, apparently placing their bet on company size to win.
At PointRoll, we work with two-thirds of the Fortune 500 brands and know that the most important things we can deliver to them are (1) efficient ways to send a consolidated message to audiences across multiple touch points (mobile, social, video, circulars, out of home), along with (2) high-touch service to help them build and deliver powerful campaigns and realize their creative vision. That's why we're growing our business as a single point of entry for powerful multi-platform campaigns. The single point of entry is the crucial point here, and where we believe DG may struggle as they go through the growing pains of merging three distinct companies into one cohesive offering.
At the end of the day, this type of move is a good sign for the industry at... Read more