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MOBILE ADVERTISING: It Doesn't Have to Be Witchcraft

Posted by Bob Bentz on June 21st, 2013 at 10:11 am

Why Should I Care About Mobile Advertising?
It's simple: 24% of web accesses today come from a mobile device...and it's growing quickly.  The amount of mobile accesses to websites nearly doubled from a year ago.

Understanding Mobile Advertising Buys
If you think you know as much about mobile advertising as you know about witchcraft, you're probably like most marketers out there.  But, once you get a handle on mobile advertising, you'll have an opportunity to understand the marketplace and take advantage of the bargains over desktop advertising that mobile currently offers.
The greatest advantage of mobile advertising is that it can accurately target consumers.  It takes some testing, and an advertising network that works with you, but mobile can more effectively target the consumer than perhaps any other advertising medium in history.  Here's just some of the demographic and psychographic characteristics that you can target:

Type of Mobile Ad Buy -- CPM (Cost Per Thousand); CPC (Cost Per Click); Cost Per Call
Specific Days and Hours -- Reach your customer when they are most likely to buy.  Generate business on typically slow days.
Where to Show Ads -- Apps or Mobile Websites
Devices -- Want tablets only or a combination of tablets and smartphones?  Want to... Read more

Mobilizing for 2011 with a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Posted by Kent Lewis on December 31st, 2010 at 6:11 am

Since 2006, I’ve erroneously predicted the “Year of Mobile” was upon us. Rather than lose faith and look to another trend to promote, I do believe 2011 is truly going to be the Year of Mobile. For those of you that agree with the prediction that mobile marketing is finally here, I’ve outlined a few key areas on which to focus your efforts in 2011.