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Mobile is as Mobile Does

Posted by James Lamberti on April 1st, 2013 at 11:23 am

When you think about mobile, what are some of the things that come to mind? Fast, personal, ready, fun and connected are a few terms that come up. People think about mobile much differently than they do personal computers. How many times has someone almost bumped into you on the street as a result of their eyes being fixed on the screen in their hands? This is a familiar interaction in today’s device-obsessed contemporary culture.

Why are tracking and targeting in mobile so different from online?

Posted by Scott Swanson on June 18th, 2012 at 8:11 am

One of the biggest misconceptions in mobile advertising is around the question of whether it’s possible to target and track users the exact same way that in mobile as it’s done in online advertising.
The cold, hard truth is that online targeting and tracking technology is primarily dependent on third-party cookies, and most mobile devices are not enabled for third-party cookies. This makes mobile a truly distinct medium, needing its own tactics and solutions for targeting and tracking effectively.

Why isn’t mobile the same as online?
Well, first you have to understand that tracking in generally done with the use of cookies. A wonderfully anonymous, easily-deleted, and low-file-size technology that is widely used on the desktop internet.
But there are two types of cookies. There are first-party cookies, which are the ones that remember your password when you log in to a website (and therefore keep you from having to re-enter your username on every mobile site you log into). They’re called ‘first party’ because they’re set on the same domain as the website you’re visiting, and have a very high acceptance rate (95%).
Third-party cookies -- the ones that advertisers place on websites -- track unique visitors across multiple domains or pages... Read more

Tracking like it's 1999

Posted by Jennifer Okula on May 21st, 2012 at 12:53 pm

In one of my previous posts from about a year ago, I wrote about the need for better mobile tracking to improve measurement capability. Unfortunately a year later, the industry has still not come very far. In fact, last summer Apple began phasing out developer access to unique device identifiers (UDID) that many companies were using for tracking in apps, making things even more complicated (link to article). Advertisers, app developers, mobile vendors and many key industry players have been involved in discussions and working groups on alternative tracking methods. Additionally, a few companies including Google were cited as having bypassed privacy settings on Apple devices to help with tracking on the mobile web (link to article).
It's still the wild west when it comes to mobile ad tracking and ad serving. Although some agencies have started to test out various third party ad serving solutions, the delivery of many campaigns are still reported on by publisher, ad network, and rich media company ad servers. Many of these ad servers are proprietary ad servers with a range of capabilities.
There are also companies that are in the process of developing their own "mobile cookie" or proprietary tracking solutions. Some of these... Read more