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What Publishers Can Do To Ride the Mobile Ad Wave

Posted by Jason Fuentes on February 4th, 2013 at 10:37 am

While mobile is hardly new, it was not until last year that the advertising industry was officially required to adopt a brand new marketing medium – Mobile Advertising. It barreled onto the scene, took center stage, and quickly cemented itself as the marketing medium of the future. The mobile industry had plenty to celebrate in 2012 as the fabled “Year of Mobile” had finally arrived but its arrival also caused disruption, particularly for online publishers.
During a period when online publishers were already improvising monetization efforts to compensate for the rise of programmatic buying, mobile introduced yet another variable that would further complicate the situation, forcing a shift in focus. Already squeezing every last cent out of online CPM’s, mobile traffic immediately made its presence felt as online audiences were no longer restricted to a computer screen as a means of accessing their favorite digital content. As a result, mobile traffic began cannibalizing impressions from the desktop impressions, further impacting an already depleting bottom line. Digital publishers reliant on online advertising revenue were suddenly dealt with a brand new form of supply to figure out and monetize immediately, or face a slow death at the expense of mobile's rapid growth.
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Print Is Still a Strong and Viable Ad Medium

Posted by Rob Reif on June 1st, 2011 at 8:09 am

When we hear the words “interactive advertising” we naturally think of the web, whether it’s deployed on mobile phones, tablets or PCs.
That’s why many people in the advertising and marketing industries have to be reminded that print, as in hard-copy newspapers and magazines, was the first interactive medium, and that’s why it’s still a powerful and effective part of any media mix.
Print is also the most sensory medium. Only print can activate each of the five senses and usually more than one of them at a time: Think scented perfume ads, varied paper textures, and embedded sound devices.
Some ads have a real and practical use in and of themselves. For example, back in 1988, several years before the words “internet” and “web” entered the global lexicon,  Spin magazine caused an uproar when, as part of a public-service effort to combat AIDS, each copy of the November issue contained a free condom (donated by Trojan).
Talk about useful, sensory, interactive, and memorable advertising. We don’t need to count the ways.
And as recently as September 2010, a print campaign in Entertainment Weekly touted the remade series Hawaii Five-0 by playing the show’s iconic theme song when the two-page spread was opened.
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Which Came First – The Mobile Site or the Mobile Customer

Posted by Kim Toomey on March 21st, 2011 at 9:29 pm

The fact of the matter is, mobile web browsing is here, like it or not. However, a full mobile site can be an expensive undertaking. And for some companies it seems that a mobile site falls under the "chicken or the egg" dilemma - which comes first, the mobile site or the mobile customer. It can be difficult to justify the costs of building a mobile site when there isn't a lot of mobile traffic coming to your site currently. With the rapid growth rates seen in the past year from web activity on mobile devices, its time that companies start looking at their existing mobile traffic - how conversion rates differ and determine a threshold for the percentage of total site traffic coming from a mobile device that you need before justifying those costs.   Especially when you consider that more often than not, a standard website on a mobile phone is not a positive user experience.
Last week I was traveling and came across two websites in desperate need of a better mobile presence:
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Mobile is MVP in latest Porche campaign

Posted by Mario Sgambelluri on February 11th, 2009 at 12:00 am

"In just a 4-month-long pilot run, mobile outperformed Porsche's wider campaign to convince buyers it wasn't just an unaffordable icon," reports AdAge.
Mobile accounted for 20 percent of the digital spend, but drove 22 percent of the total campaign's traffic. Also, mobile ads earned six-times the clickthroughs of traditional banners, mobile generated three-times the call center volume and double the dealer look ups.
I know you're sick of hearing, "could this be the year for mobile?" So I won't (directly) say it. But numbers like these from the Porche campaign have to make you mobile skeptics think again, and you mobile fanatics ought to be passing these numbers around like candy.
Porche used Yahoo!'s behavioral tools to drop ads on users whose surfing behavior indicated they were in the market for coups, SUVs, convertibles or luxury cars.

Obama iPhone app amazes

Posted by Mario Sgambelluri on October 15th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Whether you’re a supporter of Obama or McCain, you need to download and check out what Obama has managed to accomplish with his iPhone app.  It’s the killer app for the iPhone at the moment. 
For advertisers, playing with this app will unleash a lot of ideas. 
The Obama app scans through your contacts and returns a checklist of friends you need to call in key battleground states.  It senses your location and directs you to events, organizing offices and local news.  Of course it centrifuges the latest national news and video.  You can sign up for email or text alerts. And there’s an exhaustive breakdown of where the candidate stands on all the issues.  You can even donate (via the campaign hotline) or check the Election Day countdown from the app.
It wouldn’t surprise me if about 500 bands have pretty much this same app with their band’s logo in place of Obama’s.  Fans could call friends in cities where the band is about to play, check for shows in their own city, read the latest news or band blog entries, watch the latest videos and sign up for a newsletter through the app. 
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