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RadiumOne Mobile Ad Survey Reveals Women Oversee Major Automobile Purchases.

Posted by Kamal Kaur on January 4th, 2013 at 6:43 am

RadiumOne Mobile Ad Survey Reveals Women Oversee Major Automobile Purchases.

Polo Ralph Lauren Teams Up With Medialets: Takes Over New York Times iPad App

Posted by Dan Wittmers on August 8th, 2012 at 9:00 am

By: Dan Wittmers
Back in September of 2011, Polo Ralph Lauren sponsored a takeover of the New York Times iPad App. The Medialets powered rich media experience provided a magazine-esque user experience with beautiful imagery, extensive video content and detailed product information. The ground-breaking execution also touted the first in-ad shopping cart and allowed non-subscribers of NYT to access select content past the application's paywall.
Their recent "Sports of Summer" campaign has also taken over the NYT iPad app and touts similar first to market executions. Some of the highlights include:

The sponsorship unlocks six sections of The New York Times subscriber content, including Sports, Fashion, Home & Garden, Travel, T Magazine and Olympics.
Several different banners connect users to another immersive magazine-like experience, this time showcasing “the Sports of Summer” content – the Olympics and other sports like U.S. Open Golf, Wimbledon, The Open Championship, Black Watch Polo and U.S. Open Tennis.
The campaign invites consumers to browse a range of sports apparel and, like the previous Polo Ralph Lauren takeover of The New York Times, users can shop directly in the ad unit.

This campaign is a beautiful example of the immersive power rich media provides; especially on the new iPad and it's beautiful... Read more